PillyPal V2 in many colorsTraveling with medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter isn’t easy. You should always pack medicine in your carry-on luggage, but bottles of all shapes and sizes are difficult to keep contained and organized.

PillyPal is designed to simplify things by putting all of your pills in one compact case. It comes in two sizes; the PillyPal V1 has 10 compartments, whereas the PillyPal V2 has eight compartments. I tested the latter.

Similar to the size of a small wallet, there’s no doubt the sturdy plastic case is a space saver. The internal compartments of the PillyPal V2 are made of a relatively clear plastic so you can see what medications are inside. (Sticker sets are also available for purchase for an additional $10.) The compartments close securely, which is important to prevent spills, but that said, but I found them a bit difficult open and rough on my fingernails.

The Transportation Security Administration or TSA does not require passengers to have medications in prescription bottles, but rules can vary depending on your destination, so plan ahead accordingly, especially if you are traveling abroad.

While travelers tend to be most concerned about space constraints when flying, I think the PillyPal would be a great addition to your car’s glove box or good add to your camping gear collection.

PillyPal V2 is available in a rainbow of colors including lavender, gray, pink, blue, wheat, green, and orange. Cost is $21.99 on the PillyPal website.