This clever Picture Keeper Connect device allows you to clear space from your smart phone or tablet and save photos on its secure drive. To begin, you have to download the free app to your device.

This is a great gift for parents and grandparents because it is so easy to use. There is something to be said for having a device in your hand that actually has your photos on them than to explain what the cloud is and why it is equally secure. Plus, the cloud requires that you have a subscription if you want to store a large amount of photos or videos.

Once you plug it in to your phone, it syncs with the app and begins to download photos in your albums. There is no need to be connected to wifi or a data signal making this a great project for long flights, cruise ships, or other times where you may want to fiddle with your device.

As someone who is not the best technophile, I appreciated how simple it was to use, and the screen tells you once the backup is complete. Whenever you want to view your photos, you can plug it into your computer or another device, and the photos appear (since they are stored on this pocket-sized device. Think of it like a miniature USB drive.

It is compatible with various versions of PC and Mac computers plus devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets and phones. It can hold hundreds of videos and thousands of photos at once, which keeps you from having to sort through and delete less favorite photos. In the meantime, you have freed up space on your original phone or tablet.

You can share it with other people if they are interested in downloading the same photos, which makes it great to pass around to family members and friends instead of emailing large files. Other people that have the app can be invited to view your pictures and vice versa.

It is available on Picture Keeper’s website for between $120-180 depending upon the storage amount (between 16GB and 64GB).

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