Pick-pocket Proof Shorts Feel Great and Keep Fingers at Bay

pick pocket proof shortsWhen we reviewed the first model of P^Cubed Pants, the design was a revelation and if the company had just stopped at those Pick-pocket Proof adventure pants, they would have had a nice little niche product that would slowly grow in sales each year as backpackers spread the word.

The parent company, Clothing Arts, didn’t stop there though and they put out business pants and a line of shorts. They’ve been transitioning from treated canvas (heavy) to durable nylon for the pants, but these shorts are soft, lightweight cotton. It’s treated with Teflon though so you won’t have a big splotch if someone spills a beer on your leg.

I live in hot places when I’m not traveling, so I got a jump on the rest of the country and have been wearing the Business Traveler Shorts for months now. So I’ve had plenty of chances to try out these Pickpocket Proof Shorts in multiple situations. I can’t say anyone has tested the thief-foiling properties yet, but a time will come I’m sure and I’ll be glad I had them.

pickpocket proof shortsThose features that the shorts are named after make these the absolute best shorts you can buy if you want to be 100% sure that nobody gets away with your valuables in a crowd. As with the pants, the pockets on these have multiple layers of deterrence, from little pockets within bigger pockets to a zipper to a flap. In other words, someone’s prying fingers would have to unbutton a flap, move it aside, unzip a zipper from the bottom up, reach inside, then find the inner pocket to get to your money. That’s not going to happen.

That’s just the front. The back right pocket has a zipper, then two pockets inside—the one closest to your hip having a button closure too. And that’s repeated again on the left side. So you’ve got four super-secure pockets to put valuables into, yet these shorts look nice enough to not get you kicked out of the yacht club.

They’re really lightweight and comfortable too, despite feeling as good as anything you’ll buy at Macy’s to wear around town. If your weight fluctuates much, two button tabs on the side can make them tighter or looser. That buttoned tab also doubles as a place to hook on your camera or the hook from your Pacsafe anti-theft daypack.

My one and only beef with these is the same one I seem to have with all shorts these days: they’re too long. Call me old and cranky, but if my shorts are going to come down to the middle of my kneecaps, I might as well call them capris. Next week I’m taking these to my local alteration shop to get four or five inches lopped off. I know I can’t win this argument. Fashion trends are what they are until they change again, so the best you can do is wait it out. (If you’ve been waiting for 30 years to pull your skinny ties out of the attic, now’s your time…)

Anyway, I highly recommend these P-cubed business travel shorts. (If you want cargo pockets, get the adventure traveler ones.) Sure, they sell for $80, but think of them as a great pair of shorts that also function as an insurance policy for your valuables. One pick-pocketed wallet will surely cost you more than that, especially if you count the time it takes dealing with your credit and debit card companies. Plus if you have these, you can leave the special travel wallets and hidden zipper belts at home.

Get all the Pickpocket Proof items direct from P^Cubed or you can find some online at retailers like Magellan’s and Travelsmith.


Tim Leffel

Tim Leffel is founder of the Practical Travel Gear blog, as well as the Cheapest Destinations blog and the narrative webzine Perceptive Travel. He is the author of The World's Cheapest Destinations (now in its 4th edition), Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune, and A Better Life for Half the Price.

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  1. Jonny B on June 3, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    I bought a pair of the business pants after seeing the video you did a while back and really love them. They’re my dress nice pants on border crossing day and also the ones I put on when I’m in a place famous for pickpockets. (Most european capitals.) So I can look good and keep my stuff. Might have to check out these shorts.