Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Shorts by Clothing Arts | Practical Travel Gear 2
Clothing Arts is the savvy travelers’ goto brand for ensuring their valuables stay on their bodies and out of would-be pickpockets’ hands. . . all while looking their best. Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Short and the Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Shorts are ideal for those seeking adventure in locales that could be considered a tad dodgy.

The Layered Security of Pick-Pocket Proof Technology:
The Pick-Pocket Proof (P^Cubed) technology that these shorts offer is much more multifunctional than just deterring the slight of hand of a thief. The multi-level zippered pockets found within the P^Cubed Shorts were created to provide a layered defense against pickpockets, making it nigh impossible for potential thieves to access. However, these internal zippered pockets create fantastic storage/organizational spaces for cellphones, car keys, and wallets during everyday use (which I explain in detail later in the article).

Pickpocket Proof Business Travel Shorts (Nylon)

The Construction of Clothing Arts Shorts:
Clothing Arts says their clothing is Business Casual Meets Travel Durability, and I have to admit that I completely agree with that statement. They use an Advanced Dual Action DuPont Teflon Fabric protector to repel whatever might get thrown your way during an around the world trip or a walk around your neighborhood. While the shorts are able to repel oil and release ground in stains, they are made from 100% cotton twill that gives the shorts a very comfortable, soft feel when worn.

It is important to note that the Business Travel Shorts come in two different fabric types: Nylon and Cotton. These use different security types for the pockets (the Nylon with the zipper, and the Cotton with the zipper and over pocket button).

Front Pockets:
The Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Shorts have vertical pockets located on the side. These come with very rugged top-down zippers by YKK.
The internal zipper is not nearly as robust as the side, as it does not need to be, and can be left open for organizational purposes.

Front pockets and their inner pockets

I have been using this internal pocket to hold my iPhone 6 on one side and my Evernote Slim Leather Wallet on the other.

Back pockets

As for the back of the shorts; they also offer a multilevel approach to security with a button and zipper on each. I tend not to put anything in my back pockets, but if you do you can be rest assured that a wallet secured in them will be safe no matter where you travel.

Generation 3 (left) vs. Generation 2 (right)

The Nylon Business Travel Shorts come in black, brown, khaki and grey and retail for $79.95. The Cotton Travel Shorts version also retails for $79.95 and is available in khaki and brown. The Adventure Shorts are slightly more expensive at $84.95 and come in green, khaki and brown.

Being pickpocketed can put a pretty big damper on even the best of trips. The Clothing Arts line of shirts, shorts and pants help you become a more defensive traveler and can help you avoid becoming a victim.
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