The Ultimate Smartphone Protection by Realtree Fishing


The Phoozy case for your smartphone is a brilliant product because of the many uses it provides. Our smartphones nowadays are extremely expensive and are not all that durable when it comes to outside forces like weather and gravity. This case provides protection from the elements outside like the sun, snow, heat and cold, Military grade drop protection, floats in water, and preserves battery life. The Phoozy has a Velcro opening at the top which has two different openings: one for your smartphone and another pocket for your personal items like ID, cards, and cash. Many adventures outside require going outside in the extreme heat or cold and having a product like this can protect your phone from overheating, the cold, and protect your battery from going dead. I have had many experiences with heat and cold causing my phone to shut off and not being able to use my phone or get that great photo or video when we need it. Some examples I have experienced is skiing out on a cold stormy day and having your phone on you to take pictures, videos, or for an emergency. By using this product, I could protect my phone from the harsh cold weather at ski resorts. I like to take pictures and videos and I have had many times where my phone would shut off because it was too cold. The Phoozy could help protect my phone from the cold and I could have got great footage on an exceptional ski day. Another experience I have had many times as well is having your phone out on a hot summer day on the beach, river, or summer occasion and your phone overheats. It can damage your phone and prevent you from using your phone for any scenario.


My first encounter with the Phoozy XP3 Smartphone was a great experience. I took the product out of the box and could tell it was well made and felt like something that could take a fall and protect my phone from the extreme weather. My plans for the day were going out to the river to swim and lay by the river. I am always playing music wherever I go and like to have my phone by me for easy access to change the song or volume. Having this product allows me to have my phone out in the open sun so I can use my phone whenever I would like to do so. It protects it from the water, sand, and rocks. I do not have to hide my phone in my backpack or under a shirt anymore to protect it from the hot sun. The Phoozy also provides protection from drops with its military grade drop protection. This gives me a great peace of mind because I am always carrying and juggling more items than I should which ends up making me drop my phone.


The Phoozy Smartphone case is an incredible product because it protects my valuables. This product made me feel safe about having a secure spot to place my phone and belongings, so they do not get damaged from the extreme elements or a fall to the ground. Having the ability to protect your phone in case of emergencies is one of the best ideas you could have. The Phoozy not only protects your phone from being damaged, but it could also save your life out in extreme hot and cold elements by having the opportunity to make a phone call without worrying about your phone being unusable or damaged. I am beyond excited about the Phoozy and love the protection it provides me.


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