Photo credit, Phone Soap

Photo credit, Phone Soap

It is true, even though it is better not to think about it, our phones are covered in germs from our hands (especially the screen where we type away madly). We place them on strange surfaces, and whether from surfaces or in-air particles, our phones are subject to floating germs from people who cough or sneeze around us.

A bit of a germaphobe myself, I was intrigued to learn about the Phone Soap machine. It is certainly clunky looking and a bit large (perhaps to fit a multitude of phone types), but it is a no-brainer to set up on a countertop and keep discreetly out of the way. It is designed to kill germs on the surface of your phone through infrared light.

The way it works is that you thread your charger through a side opening and then plug your charger’s USB into the side of the case. The case has its own charger that goes into the wall. It fits various types of phones including the larger iPhone 6 and Android.

Once you place your phone inside and secure the lid, a blue ultraviolet light switches on and begins the sanitization process. Don’t ask me how the light cleans the phone, but it is similar to what one might find in some gyms where brushes and combs are placed in a similar contraption.

The device came with a notice that radio frequency energy can be emitted by this device and that it may cause interference with other devices. However, I never noticed any type of disruption with my phone or remote controls, and I have been using it for several months.

It is a bit bulky to travel with, and I choose to simply leave it at home so that I can give my iPhone a good cleaning after returning from a trip. This is a nifty novelty item, but provides an important service to keep your mobile device germ-free. It retails for $60 at the Phone Soap website or on Amazon.