Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

Photo credit, Petzl Tikkina

Photo credit, Petzl Tikkina

This is not your traditional business traveler piece of gear, but let me tell you…it can surely come in handy. Let’s say you are traveling for work with a lot of work samples or the need to rummage through a bunch of equipment. Fine, that’s not you. Let’s say you are traveling for a simple project and just want to go for a jog. Well, keep paying attention, because this headlamp can save your life if you’re jogging in pitch black hours.

The Petzl Tikkina Headlamp is the perfect gift for a frequent traveler. The way it works is that it wraps around your forehead as a headband and illuminates the area that you are facing, which makes it great for outdoorsmen (perhaps its original intention), but also perfect for road warriors like me (and my associates).

The headlamp is intended for hikers and runners that need illumination in the early or late hours of daylight, but I found it perfect for a variety of other reasons. Sure, if I jogged before or after sunset, I am golden. But, it is more likely that I would use this headlamp to explore darkened areas that I need to access for work. Another perfect example for how this comes in handy is when I was on safari. Often, you awaken to go on early morning game drives. Holding a camera, binoculars, and a flashlight can prove challenging, but the headlamp came particularly in handy.

A touch-button panel allows you to turn it on and off, which is great if you are in and out of warehouses or doing a lot of search and rescue for specific needles within the proverbial haystack. The actual headlamp is extremely lightweight and powered by simple AAA batteries, which means it takes nothing to recharge (unlike some devices that need special batteries).
It retails for $19.95 at the Petzl website or on Amazon.