The Pet Carrier from AWAY offers the most stylish and convenient way to travel with your pet via air or land. While many airlines are banning emotional support animals, some do allow travel with small pets that fit in a pet carrier. Be sure to check with your airline before traveling, but the Pet Carrier from AWAY is an approved travel bag that gives your furry friend the first class treatment.

This bag meets certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has been approved for use by The Center for Pet Safety. It is the perfect addition to the AWAY bags designed for humans, and your pets will enjoy traveling with the same sense of style.


Made from soft nylon, which comes in black or coast (navy), the inside of the carrier features a floor of Sherpa bedding to keep your pet comfortable and less anxious. There are several pockets to keep the necessary paperwork required for traveling with a pet or any other small items that you may need to carry like car keys, coins, snacks, or a passport, for example. The main compartment unzips easily with sheer mesh panels on three sides so that you can keep an eye on your pet and your pet can see you. It also allows for some natural light and ample ventilation to make them feel more comfortable.

The bag unzips both on the side as well as on the top, and there’s a protective cover in case you prefer for your pet not to see out.

pet carrierThe Sherpa lining inside the carrier can be removed for cleaning, and the lining of the bag is water-resistant, which can be helpful in case your pet has a little accident en route. The nylon exterior of the pet carrier is also water-resistant so that rain does not get inside.

A clip allows you to attach your pet’s safety collar as well as any type of identification tags for both your pet as well as your luggage. Most clever is the side pocket with drainage holes designed to hold a water bowl that you can pull out, use, and store without needing to thoroughly dry it. The bag’s nylon exterior keeps water from dripping inside the carrier, too.

Works well with other AWAY bags

The best feature of this bag for AWAY fans is that it has an opening on the back of the carrier that allows it to easily slide over the handle of a rolling bag. While it is designed to fit over another AWAY bag’s width, it could easily fit atop another rolling carry-on bag as long as it is the same width (otherwise it might sag off the side, which might be unsettling for your pet).

The pet carrier can also latch into a car’s seat belt for those using this on a road trip. If you prefer to carry the bag on your shoulder, it has an adjustable, padded strap. The bag weighs just over three and a half pounds without the strap, and it can fit a pet as large as 18 pounds. It is also easy to carry the bag like a duffel or briefcase thanks to the two top handles.

It comes with a tag for you to insert a business card or write your own personal details. You can also opt to have the bag monogrammed with up to three initials in a dozen different color tones. For AWAY bag fans, the Pet Carrier from AWAY is an ideal gift for those that travel with their pets. It retails for $225 and is available on the AWAY website.

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