Anyone who reads this site already knows I love Rumpl blankets…I use them for everything from camping trips to soccer games to emergency storage in the back of the car for road trips. I love how they pack down small and are such a breeze to clean. Rumpl has a few new offerings, however, that I simply must add to my must-have line-up.

Rumpl ground cover: Perfect for outdoor parties, picnics, concerts and camping trips, the Rumpl ground cover features a laminated waterproof nylon backer to keep your rear end from getting all wet on the grass or dirty at the campsite. Better yet, it has built-in stake loops, light insulation, a carry strap, and an internal storage pocket. We use it in the winter for getting ski and snowshoeing gear on: just spread out the Rumpl ground cover on the snow and you have a ready-made place to sit down and change your boots or pull on your layers. It’s very easy to store and ours now just lives in the back of the SUV during the colder months.

Pick up the ground cover for $89 on the Rumpl site, or look for it at retailers such as Amazon. We have it in olive/black, but it also comes in wine/cardiff (red and tan), and charcoal/black.

Rumpl x Helinox chair cover: Have you tried a Helinox chair in the past? We’ve been backpacking with these lightweight, portable camp chairs for years, and I was thrilled to learn that they have teamed up with Rumpl to create the Rumpl x Henlinox chair, which is a Helinox Chair One paired with a Rumpl Insulated Seat Warmer. It’s filled with a synthetic down, giving your chair just the right amount of extra cushion (and a splash of fashion and color). It’s $149, and comes in one color combination which is a fun aqua/teal geometric-looking pattern. Grab yours now while no one else has one!

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