Perfect stocking stuffer for campers: Rapid Rope review

Rapid Rope is one of those great ideas I’m kicking myself for not thinking of! Recently featured on Shark Tank, Rapid Rope is just that: it’s a can of ready-t0-unspool rope that you can utilize on demand, in whatever amount you need, when you need it. It stays organized and neat in its can when not used, stores easily, and is as simple to use as grabbing a length of scotch tape.

Inside the can, which is smaller than a tennis ball can, you get 120 feet of durable rope. The strength of this rope is the real deal! You get 1100 lbs Ultimate Tensile strength. How to use: when you need a length of rope (any length), just pull the rope out of the top of the canister, and cut at the amount you need. Rapid Rope has a cut insert ready at all times.

Best of all, the canister is refillable, so you’re not buying unnecessary and disposable plastic.

We immediately stored our Rapid Rope in our camper van, so we can use it the next time we’re trying to tie down our awning or need an emergency lead for one of the dogs. It would also be a perfect addition to a camping gear bag, an emergency kit, or just stored in the garage. Pick up a can for only $24.95. Refills are only $14.95.

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