It’s time that you and I become part of a movement that provides comfortable clothing and takes back our planet. Patagonia is providing just that with their ever growing environmentally friendly practices and company ethos. New to their impressive lineup is the Regenerative Organic Cotton apparel line.


800+ organic farmers have joined Patagonia in creating an organic cotton farm that spans over 150 individual farms to create the first ever regenerative cotton program in India. Regenerative Organic is the first of its kind to bring healing to the soils by using organic and no- and low-till practices to the farms. Farming in this way returns vital carbon back into the soil.

Why carbon you ask? Well, when carbon stores in soil increases, the loss of other vital nutrients for crops is greatly reduced and the soil maintains a healthy state.


In Our Hot Hands

In our hot hands is one of the first shirts from the Regenerative Organic collection. The cotton is incredibly soft and the color a is that of a sunny slope.

We are testing out the Men’s Road to Regenerative Lightweight Tee. The color is called Surfboard Yellow and it makes me want to find an open beach ASAP.

Fair Trade Certified

The Regenerative Organic tee is also Fair Trade Certified Sewing so you can purchase a tee that will make the man in your life happy while supporting regenerative soil efforts and know that the craftsman that put it together are being paid a living wage.


The Fit

The Regenerative lightweight tee fits true to size and comes in a relaxed fit for extra comfort. The length sits right under the belt line and could be tucked in for a “dressed up” look on your way to adventure.

What We Love

How can you say no to company who is making quality gear so you don’t have to keep buying new and tax the Earth’s resources? The colors, the feel, the smile on the face of the recipient- this are all the reasons we support Patagonia and are lifelong customers.

Already love Patagonia but have some gear that needs repair? Patagonia has an amazing program called Worn Wear that will repair your gear. You can even find quality gear on their website that is repaired and ready for you to take it out.

Right now you can find amazing deals on gear for the next season, adventure or next year as you little ones grow. Most items are 50%+ off retail!

Check back often to see the new gear they are receiving daily! But be sure to do it from the comfort of your own home and in your Regenerative Cotton Tee.

The Men’s Road to Regenerative Lightweight Tee comes in 8 colors and retails for $39. You can find a variety of logo shirts for men, women and the littles on their website. All are brilliant and timeless designs.


Stay Safe and Travel Responsibly!