Lest you think the designers at Pacsafe had exhausted their creativity with their anti-theft line of bags and gear, think again. Pacsafe has rolled out its first apparel collection designed to offer the same type of protection in your pockets.

Personally, I know the risk that comes from thieves that can skim your credit card data from your wallet without you even knowing it. All of a sudden, you start seeing charges on your credit card for purchases you didn’t make.

The unisex Transit series comes as a two-piece set that is both comfortable, protective, and ideal for travel.

It features a unique polygiene permanent odor control capability that is great for those that like to work out when they are traveling. We all know the perils of putting dirty clothes in the same bag as our clean ones.

What’s cool about this gear is that it has a dozen pockets placed throughout the hoodie top and pants.

They are large enough to hold a tablet or passport, and each is conveniently placed to be within your easy reach although pickpockets would need to know where to look (these are not in the traditional spots). Two of the pockets have RFID protection making them the ideal place to store your wallet.

Another cool capability is that you can use the hoodie to pull over your eyes if you want to nap on the plane. While I admit, I am not one to pull a hoodie over my head when I am jogging, I did find it to be the perfect way to nap better on long flights.

The Pacsafe Transit Hoodie and Pants come in two colors, a heather gray or black, and retail for just over $200 on the Pacsafe website.

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