When I’m traveling to warm-weather destinations, I often trade my leather and heavy canvas tote bags and pouches for lightweight cotton and neoprene. When I’m really on target with my planning, that gives me a great tote to haul around the things I need by day, and a pouch that serves as a bag-in-a-bag organizer within the tote that also doubles as a clutch when I go out at night.


I’ve long been a fan of Fighting Eel clothing, often buying more than I really need, but the brand’s frequent release of colorful patterns keeps me on my tropical toes. Their recent introduction of a variety of bags has introduced me to the Fighting Eel Neoprene Pouches.


Made from water resistant poly/span neoprene with a zipper closure, the 8.5-inch by 11-inch pouches are lightweight and ideal for carrying everyday small necessities, whether you use it for electronics, make-up, or even a convenient bag to keep your essentials with you during a flight. I usually keep my clothing and bag choices fairly monochromatic, from black to gray, but on brand with which I have no problem embracing a rainbow of colors is Fighting Eel.


If the pouches get dirty, just spot clean them with a damp cloth.


Designers Rona Bennett and Lan Chung may have dreamed of success when they started their own line in 2003, but what’s resulted is a cult classic. Fighting Eel and its sister line, Ava Sky, are Hawaii brands that have won loyal fans from around the world, many who flock to their retail stores on Oahu. But thank goodness there’s a Fighting Eel online store for those of us who can’t get to the physical stores on a regular basis.


The Neoprene Pouches come in a variety of signature Fighting Eel prints, and list for $46 on the Fighting Eel site. If you see your favorite pattern, grab it while it’s still available. Fighting Eel products can go quickly.

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