I’m always down for lightening my luggage. It doesn’t matter if I’m checking a bag or carrying it into the cabin, whether I’m driving with it or lugging it on my back. I want to bring as little as possible, weighing as little as possible, to do everything that I need. That results in less laundry, too.


For great running socks that crossover into sweet around-town socks, I’m stocking up on Balega Hidden Dry socks.


Extremely lightweight, these socks are made with Balega’s Dynamix fibers, which keep your feet cool and dry by wicking moisture away from your skin. There are also specially constructed reinforced microfiber ventilation panels that are strategically placed to aid the cooling and wicking process for a clean, dry fit.

The socks fit snugly, and don’t move around on your feet, causing less irritation, which in turn causes fewer blisters. There’s a deep heel pocket, which ensures that your heel is fully protected and the lateral stretch from bridge to heel is optimal. The arch and ankle are supported through an enhanced elastic grip construction, as well as a microfiber arch band.


The socks’ high heel tab helps prevent the sock from slipping into your shoe, and the reinforced toe seams are hand-linked for seam-free comfort.


These socks pack so small that you need a couple pair to take up the same space as one pair of regular running socks. They also dry quickly when you wash them in your hotel sink and need to use them again the next day. No-show styling means that you don’t really have to worry about wearing a colorful pair with a more subdued outfit.


The Hidden Dry socks come in a variety of color combinations, as well as simple black and white, and list for $14 on the Balega site.

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