Pack it All on Your Back with Tortuga Homebase Backpack

There’s a lot of talk about being a digital nomad, which is just a romantic way to say that you can work from anywhere with Wi-Fi access. It’s often more exotic a notion in theory than in practice, but one way to start is making sure you have a seamless way of carrying all your gear along on your travels.

As long as you’re not the type of traveler who needs numerous trunks and gigantic rolling suitcases, a good choice to start is the Tortuga Homebase Backpack.

Pick the 32-liter Homebase Backpack as your carry-on, or even your weekend/weeklong bag. The ultralight pack is like a suitcase on your back for minimalist travelers. Made from LS21 waterproof sailcloth, the streamlined bag looks swanky enough to be an urban day bag, or a sweet carry-on pack.

The included packing cube (22 liters) lets travelers keep their clothing separate from all the other gear, like charging cords, books, paperwork, snacks, and other elements you need to take on the road. Separate laptop and tablet sleeves are included in a different compartment, so you don’t have to worry about what’s intermingling with what.

The front pocket has organizational elements to stash the small things, and the YKK zippers are lockable. The external material is durable and has premium weather resistance, so you don’t have to run for it in a cloudburst.

The shoulder straps are comfortable enough to keep the pack on your back all day (as long as you don’t stuff it), and when you don’t need them, the shoulder straps can tuck away.

My husband liked the pack so much that he stole it from me. I suppose he deserves to have quality gear, too.

The Tortuga Homebase Backpack comes in gray and lists for $245 on the Tortuga site.

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