One packing guarantee, whether I’m headed off on a hardcore adventure or a luxuriously chill vacation, is that I’ll always pack along a reusable bag. Maybe it’ll be useful if I go shopping (for food or souvenirs), or perhaps it’ll help me tote just a few things for an afternoon, but the one thing that’s guaranteed is that I’ll always use it.


Sure, you can get reusable bags nearly anywhere, but the Fighting Eel Reusable Assorted Bag is my favorite. The lightweight tote is made from 100% reusable nylon, and measures 19 inches by 17 inches, with a 23-inch drop for straps. All you need to clean them is a damp cloth. The bags pack into themselves for storage, and they take up very little room in your suitcase. Unless your bag is so packed that it will pop open if you touch it, then there’s room for one of these bags.


I like this Hawaiian brand for a variety of reasons, but chief among them is the care given to the community. Buy your reusable bag or any other item on the site, then head over to the Help Maui Heal page to donate any amount to the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, Maui United Way, and the Maui Foodbank during the long recovery following the devastating wildfires.


The Reusable Assorted Bag lists for $20 and comes in a variety of Fighting Eel prints—from mist cowrie (pictured) to fern flower lei and black waves. One of the benefits of Fighting Eel items is that there’s always a new, fun print. Buy your Reusable Assorted Bag on the Fighting Eel site.


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