Frequent travel means that space in your TSA-approved toiletry bag is scarce. That’s why what I put in there needs to be something that I really like and that works well. Previously, I had tried their caffeinated shaving cream and aftershave and was a big fan of the scent and sturdy packaging so I also wanted to test out the Pacific Shaving Co. Nick Stick and Everyday Moisturizer, too.

These products are great for daily use, and they make great last-minute gifts for Father’s Day. You can buy them in travel-related size bottles or larger containers to use at home.

Everyday moisturizer

Recently, I had the chance to check out Pacific Shaving Co. Everyday Moisturizer, which for someone that flies often is an important part of your daily routine. For starters, I appreciated how this face cream did not have too strong of a scent. The packaging was also sturdy, and at 3.4 ounces, was the ideal size for my carry-on luggage.

The moisturizer is meant to be used after you shave, but I often use it before I sleep. Personally, I don’t like heavy lotion that clings to my skin all day. This cream, however, is light, and you only need to use a small dollop to cover your entire face. It is easy to spread, and for someone that gets hot easily, it quickly absorbs into your skin without leaving it sticky. That is a big deal for me!

Your skin feels soft and smooth without being greasy. Dry airplane air, harsh winter weather or humid summer temperatures, and regular shaving all make it important to regularly apply moisturizer. There is no overwhelming fragrance, and when I did apply it at the beginning of the day, I splashed some cologne on my cheeks without any issue.

The moisturizer costs $8 for one tube or $15 for two tubes on the Pacific Shaving Co. website. That is pretty inexpensive, and this lotion is great quality. People can spend a lot of money on self-care products, and I appreciate that there are solid options that do not cost a lot. You can also buy multiple tubes as part of a bundle for greater savings.

Nick Stick

I also tried the Pacific Shaving Co. Nick Stick, which I used when I cut myself shaving instead of a tissue. It is much easier to use because it does not leave any paper residue behind, and the clear stick rubs on without anyone noticing. More importantly, when you roll this stick over a shaving wound, it does not burn thanks to the soothing aloe it contains.

Nick StickIt is a roll-on stick, which means it does not need to go into your toiletry bag as it is not a liquid or a cream. This works well with the Pacific Shaving Co. All-Natural Shaving Oil. As someone that typically uses an electric razor, both of these work really well for preparing your skin for a shave. All of these products are designed to use whether you shave with a razor and shaving cream or an electric razor.

I have only needed to use the nick stick a few times over the past week, and it is clear that it will last a year or longer unless my shaving habits get sloppier over time. One stick retails for $8 or a bundle of two sells for $14 on the Pacific Shaving Co. website. Like the Everyday Moisturizer, you can also buy multiple tubes as part of a bundle for greater savings.

Just in time for Father’s Day, these make great gifts. It can be hard to find some of your favorite products in travel sizes, but Pacific Shaving Co. seems to have thought that through with many of their popular products.

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