Owala water bottle for easy hydration

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every water bottle on the market, and there’s something wrong with every one of them. If it’s wide-mouth, I can’t control the flow. If it has a straw, it leaks at elevation on the plane. Some are too big, some are too small, some too complicated. I still haven’t found the perfect water bottle, but Owala comes darn close.

Here’s why:

The Owala FreeSip has a wide-mouth opening, a spout, and a straw. And a lid that stays attached, so you don’t lose it or spill your water on a bus or plane. You get three-layer insulation, fun colors, and options on how to sip your water. With the FreeSip™ straw, you can hold the bottle upright and sip through the straw, or tip and chug through the wide-mouth opening.

I especially love the flip-top lid, which eliminates the need to unscrew a cap (and lose said cap). ou simply press the button and this bottle springs open ready for action. It stays cleaner this way, too, which is an obvious bonus right about now.

It’s leakproof (trust me, we’ve tested it in cars, planes, and in backpacks) and it has a shape that allows you to grip it easily when holding it. You get 24 hours of cold beverages, and it’s BPA-free, of course. All this for $24.99 for the 24 ounce version (only $21 for the 19 ounce version).

This water bottle has truly inspired my partner to drink eight glasses of water per day, simply by ease of use. Pick one up today in a variety of colors to put in a loved one’s stocking!



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