Let’s face it, we all live on our mobile devices. For frequent travelers, when the juice starts to drain, it can lead to substantial panic. I often find myself on planes or trains without any power source or one that is not functional, which can bring my productivity to a halt on long trips.

My Mophie charging case for my iPhone is a life saver on many occasions, especially now that it seems that my iPhone drains its battery within an hour after the recent update for some reason. To be fair, Otterbox has some amazing cases of its own including some that charge your smartphone.

I like to have a backup for all of my mobile devices, and the Otterbox Power Pack comes in two strengths, 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh. Firstly, the device is not very heavy or unwieldy. It fits into my pants pocket without being too bulky and easily slides into a briefcase or carryon bag.

It has lights on the side that indicate how much power is left, and the device can charge itself at the same time as charging other devices. There are two USB power ports so that more than one device can be charged at the same time, too, and there was also a charging port that can be used to charge the device itself. Covers keep the ports clean from dust and debris so that it can be left on a bookshelf or stuffed into your bag without worry.

The synthetic rubberized exterior keeps this durable device safe and up to the task of being jostled around in luggage or constant use when traveling. It is also protected from unwanted drops or falls.

Otterbox specializes in creating this type of protective gear including a cooler that can be used on picnics and various phone cases.

One thing that I really like about this is that it charges my device fully, but still has power to spare so that when I take it with me, I am guaranteed multiple charges. This is important if you are out on a tour or for a full-day of meetings without the possibility of finding a charge.

The power pack also charges itself quickly when not in use. Most important for me is that the power pack is not too heavy so that I can take it with me on trips when I am only traveling with a carry-on. Many airlines, especially overseas, are especially strict when it comes to weighing cabin bags. This device felt lighter than others that I have tested.

Because this is flat, it fits easily into briefcase or purse pockets. This also means that I can tuck my phone into a similar pocket and have it charging while it is in my bag. Often, power packs tend to warm up quickly when in use, but I didn’t find that to be the case with this one.

It is black with a professional, streamlined look, which is important to me if I am going to have it out on a table during a business meeting.

When going through airport security overseas, I am often asked to place it into a separate bin, but it is never a problem. Apparently, they just want to screen it separately. Another important point to note is that these should not be placed in your checked bag when flying.

The 20,000 mAh power bank retails for $80 on the Otterbox website or other retailers. It makes a great gift for frequent travelers, parents attending kids’ games, or anyone that is often on the go with little time to be tethered to a wall power outlet.

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