Backpacks come in a variety of forms, but the Osprey Ozone Duplex 65 Men’s Travel Pack offers special utility with many protective pockets plus the ability to detach one section to carry separately. It is essentially two bags that can be attached via four clasps and carried as one (a small day pack and a detachable duffel bag).

While I am not a huge backpack user, there are times when having both hands free is especially important. Like when you are hiking, skiing, or even walking past important landmarks where you might need both hands free to snap photos. I was impressed with the durability and varied utility of this travel pack, which can be used in all kinds of ways.

Sizeable interiors and two bags in one

First of all, the bag is reasonably lightweight (4 pounds empty), which as a frequent traveler is important. That does not come at the expense of protection for important gear though as Osprey points out you can store a laptop or other electronic essentials safely in the bag, too.

Osprey backpackWhen you are walking around and only need a few things, you can detach the day pack for just the essentials. If traveling further afield, you can attach the cargo bag, which holds a lot more things like clothing, footwear, electronics, and other large items. There are backpack straps as well as a detachable shoulder strap should you prefer to carry the bag as a duffel instead.

Depending on what you need it for, the bag comes in different sizes. The 65L bag that I tested out had 65 liters of interior space. No matter how much I stuffed in there, I felt safe that the four sturdy clasps would keep the bag in place. One thing to note is that when completely full, the bag appears quite large and may catch the eye of airline gate agents asking you to test it in the sizing unit. Still, the soft shape of the bag makes it easy to mold it and stuff it in if it’s mostly soft items like clothes. Its soft shell also means it is easier to stuff it under the seat in front of you on the plane or shove it into an overhead bin. You can always unclasp the two bags to make it fit if needed, too, or even check the cargo bag and keep the daypack with you (just make sure valuable items like electronics are not in there).

Excellent organization

Inside the main bag, there are separate areas to keep clothes in place so that they do not move around and wrinkle. That is easy for them to do when you wear a bag on your back, but the interior of this bag is well thought out. There’s also a mesh, zippered pocket for smaller items that make it easier to grab without moving around the contents of the bag. The zipper has lockable sliders to keep its contents safe from prying strangers.

In the day pack, there are padded sleeves designed for tablets or laptops, which was hugely important for me. Another smaller pocket can hold keys, coins, pens, or a wallet or passport. The bag was well-designed so that whether you are using both compartments together or just one, there are always places to keep things organized.

I also really liked how there are handles on the side of this Osprey backpack bag that make it easy to carry it both from either the top or the side of it when not wearing it over your shoulders. Additional features include water bottle pockets (these are really important because I don’t like keeping liquids in the same section of my bag as electronics), a key leash, pen holders, and pouches to store charging cables or liquids. It’s worth noting that the cargo bag zippers have guards to keep moisture or liquid from seeping in, which is great for protecting clothes when camping or even when checking a bag during travel.

The Osprey Ozone Duplex 65 Men’s Travel Pack can be adjusted to different body frames and has compression straps to keep the bag’s shape together. There’s also a mesh surface on the back, which helps slightly so your back does not overheat, but when carrying a full bag in warm weather, it may start to feel uncomfortable for warm-blooded people.

Another thoughtful feature is the waist strap for added protection and stability, and the ability for the shoulder straps to be tucked into a pocket so they are not bothersome when carrying the bag from its side handles. When both bags are connected, it measures 21 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches altogether. All in all, this is a versatile bag that can be used in both professional and leisure settings. It is available for just over $200 from various online retailers.

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