Pro packing cubes

Want some heavy-duty, long-lasting packing cubes that are also lightweight? For frequent travelers, these Pro Packing Cubes are built to last you a hundred trips or more.

I swing both ways when it comes to packing cubes, but the people who love using them really love them. If you shop at The Container Store or keep a clean desk, you’re probably the type that will go crazy for them if you haven’t already. And there are a lot of you: for years our most popular post has usually been on the pros and cons of packing cubes. The idea is, you group your clothes together so everything is easy to find and if you’re changing hotels a lot, you can unpack and pack a lot faster.

I’ve tried a lot of different ones and like these a lot for several reasons. As I mentioned, they feel really tough and built to last, like I could abuse them over and over and they won’t fail me. They’ve got tough nylon fabric that won’t rip and well-made zippers that never catch. They’re whisper light though, so you won’t have to worry that they’ll add anything to the weight of what you’re packing.

tough packing cubes

The other thing I really like is that they have handles on the top to grab them and move them from your suitcase to a hotel room drawer. This may add a few grams, but it’s a feature I didn’t realize I wanted until I had it. Now when I use cubes that don’t have a handle, I miss these and want to go back to them.

These come in four-packs that will keep your whole wardrobe organized. The smallest size is meant for cords and small gadgets, while the other three will easily fit in a carry on when packed full. They’re fabric on one side, mesh on the other so if anything is damp it won’t get mildewed and musty. Then the handle goes over the mesh part for each one. The zippers have pulls on them, a nice touch, and the mesh is as strong as the fabric. These come with a lifetime guarantee, which shows strong confidence in the durability.

These come if five different colors, subtle or easy to find like the ones pictured here. They list for $60 for four, but at the moment they’re a shade more than $35 on Amazon. There’s also a five-pack for around the same price, in four colors. See more on the Pro Packing Cubes site.

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