I’ve been a fan of OOFOS recovery footwear ever since I slipped on my first pair in the middle of a walk-intensive travel conference. I have continued to wear OOFOS shoes, flip-flops and boots ever since, in my campsites, on the river, and after ski days. Here’s my favorite of what’s new, for women and men:

OOFOS OOmg boot:

Hello, aprés ski! Finally, OOFOS, my favorite brand for flip-flops and slides in summer, has a boot that’s ski day-ready! Their first fully closed boot features OOfoam technology that’s water resistant, highly versatile, and perfectly packable. I can fit mine in my ski boot bag easily, since the calf of this boot rolls up easily. Yes, they come up to mid-calf, so you won’t get snow and water in your socks. The sole is lightweight too, while remaining soft as a marshmallow for my soles after a day on the slopes. These boots are perfect for the pub or ski locker room; they’re not designed for rugged outdoor use, but rather for recovery, so consider them slippers that can also withstand some snow and ice. Pick them up in women’s sizing on the OOFOS site in 5-12 in black color for $199.

OOFOS men’s slide:

An affordable summer sandal that will serve you for all purposes, the OOFOS men’s slide is a dream to wear. You can take these lightweight slide sandals on your next beach trip, but they can just as easily live in the car for days at the beach or lake. You get Ofoam’s ground-breaking impact absorption and arch support, plus a patented footbed for natural motion. The result: you’ll say ahhhh every time you put them on. Pick up a pair in size 3-14 in black for $59.

OOFOS OOmg Men’s low:

Guys! If you’re a fan of the OOFOS Slide, you need the OOmg for the winter! This is the first men’s shoe made by OOFOS, which combines their proprietary OOfoam technology with OOtex Fibreflex fabric to enhance your post work-out recovery. Pssst: you can also wear these driving on long road trips, after a long ski day or hike, or around the campsite. My partner likes to wear them after paddleboarding and river rafting, because they don’t allow sand to get onto his feet, which could cause blisters. The OOmg comes in men’s sizes 8-14 in black or gray, and are $139 in retail on the OOFOS site.

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