Who’s ready for a road trip? With plane travel not as appetizing as it was 6 months ago, families like ours are ready for adventures on the open road and with our favorite pooch as our copilot.

Kurgo has a vast selection of gear to keep your car and your K9 safe while rocking out to your favorite road trip playlist. We took the Loft Bench Seat Cover out on our latest trip to the mountains and it has now become a staple for travel.

For our little black lab, we needed a cover with some color. We hit the jackpot when it comes to an easy going lab and we have accidentally left him in the car because he is so quiet on more than one occasion. Being 100% black and having black interior doesn’t help his case either. The Loft Bench Seat cover from Kurgo is just the ticket with the option of two rich colors, Coastal Blue or Charcoal Grey.

Installation was a breeze and took less that 5 minutes. The 55″ length of the Loft Bench Seat Cover was a perfect fit for the third row in my Explorer. The zippered openings sit directly over the seatbelts for use when Odie isn’t with us. The Loft Bench Seat Cover is secured with a large belt across the back and paracord attachments under the seats.

Kurgo has designed the Loft Bench Seat Cover to last a lifetime. The water-resistant Microtomic riptstop material prevents shredding when your dog(s) decides to spin around 15 times in an attempt to make their own bed. In fact, with the poly fill and quilting of the Loft Bench Seat Cover, Odie has yet to try to make the cover more comfortable. He jumps up and lays down right away! Piped edging on the Loft Bench Seat Cover helps to keep the dirt and grime from the lake on the cover and not on my seats.

Bucket Seat Cover

If your copilot is your dog, Kurgo also makes bucket seat covers. Hear me out on this one but, I am thinking I should buy two bucket seat protectors to not only protect my interior from Odie but the children as well.

The Kurgo Bucket Seat Cover comes with the same waterproof and stain-resistant material as the Loft Bench Seat Cover. BUT! It comes with a large storage pouch that is meant for leashes and poop bags but could also contain charging cables and headphones for road trips with the boys.

Leash The Seatbelt Buckle

One additional item that we will be picking up from Kurgo is the Leash the Seatbelt Buckle. The Leash to Seatbelt Buckle is a steel seatbelt buckle you attach to your leash so you can secure your dog in the car when driving. The Seatbelt buckle is compatible with any flat wedding 1″ leash and can be adjusted based on your dog’s size. This is a safe method to keep Fido secure in the car and allows you to have control over when the dog exits the car. For us, we are on some busy two lane highways in the mountains and having a secure handle on Odie before he jumps out is very important.

Kurgo’s Loft Seat Cover retails for $69.99. The Copilot Bucket Seat Covers retail for $39.99 and the Leash the Seatbelt Buckle is only $10.99. All items and even more gear for your dog(s) can be found on the Kurgo website. A small selection is available on Amazon.com.


Safe Travels!