The sexiest, lightest frames are here for your Hot Girl Summer and they are made in Italy by Ombraz. The Ombraz Cammina frames are versatile and unisex so keep them close because all of your friends are going to want to keep them for themselves.

I have the Cammina in tortoise and the polarized Zeiss Grey lens. The Zeiss Grey is Ombraz’s best selling frame for its ability to filter out 89% of light. They are designed to be most beneficial in bright, full sun conditions like fishing, boating, skiing, hiking, biking, mountaineering, etc.

Personally, I love the sleek design of Ombarz sunglasses and the ability to wear them around my neck when needed while we are out and about. I have lost many a great pair of sunglasses to the bottom of lakes and oceans because they slip off the top of my head or fall from my face. Not only are the Ombraz Cammina frames easily dropped down to your chest, if you do lose them to a body of water, you can quickly retrieve them with the slick Ombraz Floatie attachment.

The Cammina comes in two sizes- Regular and Narrow. I have the Regular and find that it’s still pretty narrow. I usually wear smaller frames and it is perfect for my face. The Cammina frames are just big enough to block out light from my periphery without having to wrap around my face.

Due to the minimalist design of the Cammina, they are perfect for traveling. Easily stored in your jacket pocket or backpack, you don’t have to worry about an arm being broken in transit. The only change I would make to these great sunglasses is adding just a little rubber grip on the nose piece for sweaty/wet adventures. The easy to use adjustable cords give you a customized fit every time, I just really like a little rubber on the nose.

The Cammina retail for $160 and are available on the Ombraz website. They make a great gift as well as a special treat to yourself for just being you and adulting.


Safe Travels!

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