Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes for the right occasion can make you feel great. Regardless of whether they are flip-flops, sandals, mesh shoes, sneakers or even slippers, Olukai guarantees that you will find some of the most comfortable, unique, and lightweight footwear for all adventures – both indoor and outdoor.

Olukai’s footwear line offers a wide range of products that are lightweight, water-resistant, breathable, and provide users with comfort and balance for any occasion and activity. Jump in with both feet with Olukai’s footwear. You are bound to find a shoe type that not only serves its purpose but also meets your style preferences.

The ‘Ohana Sandals

OluKai Ohana Sandal - Women's
  • Water-resistant, synthetic nubuck leather.
  • Ultra soft, quick-drying jersey knit lining.
  • Soft nylon toe post.
  • Anatomically contoured ICEVA drop-in footbed.
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole.

Call ‘em thongs, flip-flops, sandals or slippers, but these familiar open-toed shoes are worn by nearly every traveler on the plane, at the hotel, on hiking trails, to the beach, and more. Put some color pop in your flip-flop with the OluKai ‘Ohana sandal.

The vegan-friendly footwear uses high-quality synthetic materials and no animal products. The anatomical compression-molded EVA midsole has a soft footbed that’s far more comfortable than most of the flips my wife has worn over the years. The outsole is made of non-marking rubber, so if you drag your feet, you won’t leave black marks all over the floor.

The toe post, or that thing that sits between your big toe and the next one, is made of soft nylon. Even if you’re a newbie to this kind of shoe, you won’t get blisters. The upper is made of water-resistant synthetic nubuck leather and has a quick-drying jersey knit lining. New for this spring are the bright colors reminiscent of Hawaiian shave ice.

My wife wore these on a recent trip to Maui and Molokai: in the sand, in the hotel, on the plane, in the rain, and on the rock wall of an ancient fishing pond. The razor-sized edges kept her from slipping in the wet conditions, and we even saw a couple of hotel gift shops with the same shoes for sale.

Proceeds from the sales of this sandal help support OluKai’s ‘Ohana Giveback Program, which supports the efforts of those who continue to give back to preserve local cultures and traditions. Not a bad reason to buy a slipper, right?

The Nohea Mesh Shoes

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OluKai is best known for its Hawaiian inspired sandals, but they make a lot of cool (literally) shoes too, like these Nohea Mesh ones.

Ventilated shoes are great for times when you need something nicer looking than a pair of sandals or flip-flops, but the weather would cook your feet in a pair of regular shoes. I’ve worn these OluKai ones around steamy Florida in July and August, around town and out to dinner, to a beach bar and to the grocery store.

Then I packed them away in a suitcase and took them with me to Mexico, where they were easy to stow away in my bag. The whole top of the shoe is mesh, so not only is it cool on the feet, but the whole upper flattens down when necessary. Well, all mesh except the the soft lining that is. The top of the tongue and the parts that circle your annkle are a brushed microfiber.

Like a lot of OluKai shoes, these have the heel flap that is happy to go both ways. Leave it up and you’ve got a nice masculine looking pair of shoes. Put it down and you’ve got a pair of clogs. If you’re taking them on and off a lot, the latter is ideal. A great pair of shoes for a trip to Japan or Korea in the summer.

The bottom is made of two kinds of rubber, with a bit of tread that’s not evident from the side. What also makes these shoes feel like a premium pair is the seriously thick insole it comes with. Instead of the afterthought one so many manufacturers give you in order to shave off some costs on manufacturing, this one is good enough that I would take it out and stick it in another pair of shoes I was going to use for walking. (But I won’t, cause I like these…)

For the spirit of a kicked-back island but the look of something that won’t get you stared at in a decent restaurant or nice hotel, these Nohea Mesh shoes will keep you looking and feeling cool. They come in 5 colors, list for $85, and have a one-year guarantee.

The Moloa Kohana Slip-ons 

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Some shoes just make you feel like you’re on vacation even when you’re not. These laid-back Moloa Kohana ones from Hawaiian-themed company Olukai will make you feel as mellow as a Jack Johnson song and have you reaching for a Mai Tai.

Made of soft camel leather and with a super-cushioned insole covered in cork, think of these as a fancier and more robust pair of Sanuks, with the extreme comfort backed up by a sole that’s stitched leather with rubber pads to connect with the ground.

Lots of shoes are touted as “breathable,” but these have a hole system punched out by laser on the top part that really lets the heat out. Basically the whole top of your foot is covered by a leather mesh—you can actually feel a breeze getting in there sometimes.

The other great feature—which you’ll find on quite a few OluKai shoes, is the fold-down heel in the back. So you can wear these as regular shoes or flop around in clogs. It’s great if you want to keep them by the door or tent flap and just slide into them to head outside.

Oddly enough, for me they fit better as a clog than a shoe. They’re fine either way, but the feel is kind of loose—fine for chillin’ at the beach—but get the half size if you’re truly between a 9 and 10, for example. The upper compresses down and the midsole is not thick, so these make easy-to-pack travel shoes.

OluKai is based in California but rooted in Hawaii: the lifeguards there are outfitted in this brand and serve as product testers. For some models, proceeds go to fund the Junior Lifeguard Program and they support various conservation efforts on the islands. They make a whole range of water shoes and sandals as well.

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