Sunscreen has always been a hard one for me to well, apply. I don’t like the feeling and the smell of the “tropics” or “coconut” has always been an absolute assault on my olfactory nerve. Needless to say, I was very hesitant when we were invite to meet with the founder of Olita and see what she has designed.

Truly a family company, right down to the name, founder Laurie O’Hara initially set out to develop a powder that would safely remove the sand, salt and normal debris from a day at the beach. The birth of Beach Be Gone body powder was a success and from there they began developing sunscreens that were not only safe for the oceans they loved playing in, but those who played in them.

Olita has grown to over 9 products and they are, dare I say, something I would wear. For this review, we tested the Beach Be Gone, Organic Mineral Sunstick- Tinted, After Sun Hydrating Body Serum and Olita’s Baby Organic Sunscreen lotion.

Beach Be Gone

Sand is the glitter of the outdoor world. It gets everywhere and no matter the amount of vacuuming, wiping or rinsing off in the ocean you do, it always seems to be there. While at the lake this past weekend, we forwent our usual routine of rinsing off in the lake and then rinsing off at the front door of the house for the Beach Be Gone powder. With Olita’s proprietary blend of powder, the sand, pollen and grim fell to the ground, leaving not only our kids feet clean enough to enter the house, but also ours. It was really noticeable when we were cleaning to leave. We swept less every night and cleaning was a snap! A little really goes a long way when it comes to sand removal.

Best when used on dry skin, this stuff really worked! The smells are subtle and a fragrance free version is available. Beach Be Gone retails for $14.00.

Organic Mineral Sunstick- Tinted (SPF 30)

This sunstick is pretty revolutionary for me. Gone are the days of a solid, thick and skin breaking sunscreen stick. The Organic Mineral Sunstick from Olita really goes on smooth, protecting your body’s largest organ and first defense against germs and disease. After applying the Baby Organic Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50), I took Mama Laurie’s advice and used this tinted bar to add a little bronzer to my cheeks.

The glow it provided was not only natural looking but stayed on for most of the day. Reapplication is recommended every 80 minutes for the full benefits of the broad spectrum protection. There are two tints of the Organic Mineral Sunstick- Light Tan and Coco Breeze. Laurie suggested the Light Tan for my skintone and have been pleased with the color.

Due to the organic ingredients, the sunstick is best applied at room temperature and not to be left out in direct sunlight. As a bonus to our travelers, the Organic Mineral Sunstick is travel friendly and TSA carry on approved. Organic Mineral Sunstick retails for $12.00.

Olita Baby Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50)

It was years ago when I was chatting with a dermatologist who was speaking at a conference and on the topic of sunscreen, she suggested wearing nothing less than SPF 50. So, because she’s a board certified physician, I have taken that to heart and adopted an SPF 50 lotion base, when I do wear sunscreen. Normally, I try to wear long sleeves and hats to protect my skin without applying anything.

Turns out, SPF products become more important as you get older. Olita’s Baby Sunscreen is free of the oxybenzones and benzenes that research has proven to be problematic for your health. Instead, Olita uses active ingredients like zinc oxide to protect the skin by creating a layer on top of it and reflecting the harmful UVA/UVB rays away. Zinc oxide has also been shown to be calming to sensitive skin and perfect for baby’s who’s skin is new and needs to be protected.

I appreciate that although this is labeled for “baby” it is formulated for all skin, no matter the age. It is lightweight and non greasy. Unlike other zinc based topicals, the Olita Baby Sunscreen doesn’t leave you looking like a Geisha. It is available in 3 ounce tubes and is TSA carry on approved.

Olita Baby Sunscreen retails for $20.00.

After Sun Hydrating Body Serum

Maybe the line’s most versatile product, the After Sun Hydrating Body Serum can be applied to your skin after a day in the sun or whenever you feel your skin needs a little boost in hydration.

I am already planning on taking the After Sun Hydrating Body Serum on our skin trip to Taos, NM over New Year’s. The cold, windy conditions always brings chapped cheeks and I feel that this serum will help calm our skin while we try to conquer the mountain.

The spray application allows even our kids to apply without wasting product. The serum’s lightweight design doesn’t feel thick and heavy or greasy. Some OTC sun relief products leave your skin feeling tight and sticky. The After Sun Hydrating Body Serum is nothing like those green gels so please throw them away now.

Two things I don’t like about the body serum is the coconut scented one and that there is not a travel friendly version of this yet. The serum is easy enough to transfer to a travel friendly bottle, if you are so inclined. And when it comes to scents, there is a lovely Soothing Citrus and Unscented option.

After Sun Hydrating Serum retails for $20.00.


Olita’s commitment to environmentally friendly products extends across the line. All Olita sunscreens are certified “Reef Safe” so please take them with you to the beach. When we were in Mexico last year, we were not allowed to even bring sunscreen on the boat to dive unless it was Reef Safe.

Olita products are available on their website, at Walmart stores and a great selection of products is available on


Safe Travels!