Getting outdoors in the winter can require a lot of consideration around layers. When I’m not in a snowy destination, going out for a hike or a trail run doesn’t always need a jacket, and I like to focus on sleeve length to determine what I’m comfortable wearing. But when I need a true long-sleeved shirt, I don’t always have one that reliably covers my wrists, too.


My creative solution often revolves around wearing over-the wrist fingerless gloves combined with a long-sleeved shirt. But with the Oiselle Lux Cuffed Long Sleeve shirt, the combination is built right in with a small stripe fabric colorblock detail at the cuffs with thumbholes. It achieves the two-item look I’ve cultivated through the years, but with one clothing item.


Made with Oiselle’s Classic Lux fabric (a polyester/spandex blend), the shirt is soft like butter, but tough enough to wear on all your hardcore adventures. The polyester means the shirt wicks and breathes well, and the spandex allows the shirt to stretch with you.


I’ve worn this shirt on long drives, as well as flights when I’m going to be immediately heading to a trail once I land. The set-in sleeve extensions with thumbholes don’t have to be used all the time. Once you pull your thumb out, the sleeves can push back to be regular long sleeves when you don’t need such thorough coverage.


One of the best moments I’ve worn this shirt was in snowy conditions with a jacket on top. The extra length of the sleeves meant that every time I reached out, I didn’t have a bunch of exposed skin, and I was able to stay warm all day.


The Lux Cuffed Long Sleeve shirt comes in black, redwood/empire, and wave/Dover, and lists for $78 on the Oiselle site.