Occles Travel Eyewear

Let’s chalk this one up to something that looks entirely interesting, but may not be always practical. These plastic eye goggles, named Occles, are meant to protect your eyes from unwanted light whether on the road or even on the beach.

I typically travel with eyeshades to use on airplanes, but they might look silly (and get especially warm) when sitting by the pool. So it depends how you plan to use Occles. I found them to be strange to wear on the plane, although they performed especially well and blocked out all light. Cushioned eye pads behind each of the eye covers make Occles comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, since the strap wraps around the back of your head, it was a bit uncomfortable when leaning back or trying to rest on the plane. They did remain in place and were much better than eyeshades, which tend to make me quite warm if the temperature is high on the plane (as it is on many foreign airlines). The side straps can also be elongated or tightened to your comfort level.

By the pool, these are a great way to block out ultraviolet light and are better than sunglasses if trying to rest. When not using them, they can hang around your neck via the strap in the same way sunglasses may hang from a lanyard.

Sunglasses may also cause you to unknowingly squint a bit when napping in the sun, but Occles completely blocks out the light to prevent that. Especially important is that it protects the delicate skin around the eyes from stray ultraviolet rays that can be harmful and also lead to wrinkles.

Occles come in a variety of colors if you’re trying to make a fashion statement. While they may look odder than a cool pair of Ray Bans or Costa sunglasses, they do serve a purpose.

They retail for only $30, which is quite cheap, and if you don’t mind getting a few stares from others (which you wouldn’t notice anyway), they are available on the Occles website or on Amazon.


Ramsey Qubein is a travel journalist who has visited 154 countries covering the hotel and airline industry from every corner of the globe. His work appears in travel publications and outlets including Travel+Leisure, Business Traveller, Airways, Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris, US Airways magazine, Northstar Travel Media, Yahoo Travel, and BBC. He serves as the National Hotels Travel Examiner and writes for numerous blogs and web sites. He travels more than 350,000 miles a year and is highly recognized as an expert in loyalty programs, business travel and the luxury travel segment. You can follow him on Twitter at DailyTravelTips or at his website www.RamseyQ.com.