Synonymous with great design and fashion, The North Face is an outdoorsy favorite that offers great value when it comes to quality-to-price ratio. What makes The North Face Base Camp Duffel so popular is that it quickly converts from a duffel bag to a backpack with just a few zips and rearranged straps.

It is made with a durable laminate material that can handle even the roughest of travel circumstances, which is helpful if you plan to use this bag outdoors. Its interior volume varies based on the size that you choose.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel comes in six sizes (extra small to “extra, extra” large) and easily converts into a backpack with shoulder straps that are conveniently tucked away. It is the perfect carry-all for the adventurous and outdoorsy traveler, but its sleek fabric also makes it possible to use on more professional weekend or short business trips, too.

Multi-functional and roomy

Depending upon which size you choose, the main compartment is spacious enough to pack a lot of clothes, shoes, and travel gear together. The fabric of the bag means you can stuff it pretty full, and a sturdy zipper keeps that runs around the length of the bag keeps everything in place. Inside the top flap is a zippered, mesh compartment to store smaller things like charging cables, keys, coins, and other things you want to quickly access without rummaging through the entire bag.

Unlike a messenger bag or briefcase with organizer sections, this duffel bag is meant to pack a lot into one large compartment. The compression straps can be tightened to keep things from moving around, which is helpful if it is not full. I liked the durable exterior shell of the bag, which looks like it could take a beating from airline baggage handlers or thrown onto baggage claim. The exterior of the bag has a large The North Face logo emblazoned on it, which some people may not love if you are going for a more subtle look.

The zippers have loops that you can use to more easily open the bag. For me, that is super helpful especially if you stuff the bag with clothes and hear and need a little help closing the bag. Another benefit for heavy packers is that the durable fabric stretches a bit so that you can use every last interior inch of duffel

Easy to carry

I liked the numerous options for how to carry the bag. There are handles on the top and sides if you want to lift it that way. Of course, you can carry it over your shoulder thanks to padded straps that make it easy to sling over your shoulder without hurting too much while walking. Then, of course, you could wear it as a backpack. When not using it as a backpack, those straps can be tucked away into a small pouch. And when wearing it as a backpack, the over-the-shoulder duffel strap can be detached so that it does not get in the way.

The “extra small” and “small” versions of this bag make it ideal as a carry-on bag since it fits in the airline bag sizers and overhead compartments. Its soft exterior makes it easier to squeeze into tight spaces, too. This bag is multi-functional and works well even as a gym bag since it has ample space for tennis shoes, toiletries, and workout clothes in the main compartment.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel comes in six sizes (extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra, extra large) as well as a variety of color combinations. The smallest can hold 31 liters in the main compartment while the largest can hold up to 150 liters. It ranges in price from $100-185 (although there are often online sales) and is available from The North Face website.

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