When it comes to cell phone cases, they are not created equally. An iPhone can be so expensive that it is silly to not protect your device from damage. The Nomad Rugged Folio for iPhone 12 Pro mixes phone protection with style. It doubles as a wallet to hold credit cards, cash, or even business cards.

Beautiful leather exterior

It is crafted from American Horween leather with a surface designed to change overtime (like most quality leather) to show a rugged, lived-in style. If you are the kind of person that does not like to see a scuff or scratch on a leather surface, this may not be the best case for you. It is meant to show use and age well getting darker over time and with frequent use.

While I have only had the case for a few weeks, it has already started to change. Nomad says that it is designed to look different (if you use it frequently and in a variety of situations) several months from when you first unpacked it from the box. I get a lot of compliments on the brown leather because it looks very professional, and many people think that it is actually a lot more expensive than it really is.

Especially now, I like the fact that the back of my phone as well as the screen is free from the elements and exposure. We often do not realize that our phones are susceptible to germs and bacteria when we put it on a table, and now more than ever, I like the fact that the screen that I touch so often remains protected from floating germs and bacteria.

The leather is vegetable tanned and produced with natural waxes and oils. Since it has not been sprayed with a leather protectant, it is subject to showing frequent use, but that does not mean that you should not take care of it either. You can use a leather conditioner to keep it looking good.

In addition to the occasional scuff mark, I noticed that it can also show watermark stains that do not fade away quickly. It gives it a lived-in look, for sure. Unlike other leathers, it is not produced using synthetic tanning chemicals, dyes, or spray sealants. This is what gives it that rugged look that so many people appreciate.

Inside the case, there are three card slots as well as a place to store cash. Of course, you could also put things like a driver’s license, business cards, or other small paperwork that fits in the phone case.

Nomad Rugged Folio for iPhone 12 ProImpressive durability

Using a polycarbonate body with a raised rubber bumper for protection of your phone, there is heft beneath that attractive leather. It is designed so that even if you drop the phone at different angles, it will be protected from internal and external damage. Nomad says that you can drop your phone from a height of as much as six feet while still enjoying the same kind of protection.

Another great feature of this case is that it is not too thick that it does not pick up on wireless charging if you use that often. The case does not cover up power or earbud ports so that you can still use those features with the folio case attached. There is also a cut out for the camera lens. Nomad also makes a similar case with space to keep your passport protected.

The leather-coated Nomad Rugged Folio comes in a variety of styles including different iPhones and tablets. The Nomad Rugged Folio for iPhone Pro retails for $70 on the Nomad website and is an attractive way to protect your expensive devices. For the holidays, it makes a great gift for those looking for something both professional and multi-functional.

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