Coated with beautiful Horween leather on the back, this rugged case for iPhone 8/7 Plus from Nomad is a stylish and masculine accessory for your iPhone.

It provides the traditional extra tough frame and 10-foot drop proof protection that the brand’s other cases offer, but it adds the high-quality leather from Horween that ages over time.

I have only had the case for a couple of weeks, but over time, the color will get darker with a few intentional scratches and smudges that are meant to incorporate regular use into the rugged and sleek look.

My favorite part is the way it looks when in my pocket or briefcase. It is very professional even when turned upside down on a desk during a meeting with the exposed raw, vegetable-tanned leather looking quite attractive.

The appropriate spots for the phone’s side button functions are easy to use, and the opening for the camera lens leaves plenty of space for the occasional wipe down to improve your photos.

On the front of the case, the screen is protected thanks to the slightly raised edges, which helps in the event of dropping your phone.

If you typically use a wireless charger, the charge is still strong through the case, and the opening for the traditional plug is easy to use at the bottom of the case.

I would really love it if this case actually had a separate battery that would double the life of the phone when away from a power outlet, but I supposed that might make the phone case heftier. This case is still fairly slim and does not easily slide out of your pocket due to the leather.

This rugged case for iPhone 8/7 Plus from Nomad is available on the company’s website for $45.

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