I’m always looking for new ways to extend my phone’s battery life on travel days. I’ve used battery cases, external battery packs, charging stations. Until recently, I’d never seen a battery pack attached to a USB cord.

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The Nomad Battery Cable combines their rugged USB cable (see our review link below) and a battery pack in one unit. Instead of remembering to pack both (and then searching for both in my carry-on bag while I travel), I can now charge my phone AND my extra battery pack at the same time. Here’s how it works:

First, you have a durable, nylon-wrapped MFi Certified Lightning Cable, which you’d certainly want even if it didn’t come with an extra battery. It’s strong and substantial…it doesn’t tangle up in my travel bag, and I can find it easily since it has some heft to it.

On the cable is a high capacity 2350 mAh portable battery. It’s fairly compact, attached to the cable like a little oval capsule, but does add some bulk to the cable. I think the extra weight is worth it for the singular unit.

When you plug in the battery cable to your phone and an outlet, it charges your phone first, then charges its internal battery. I can’t overstate how useful this is!

I used to have to decide what my priorities were: charging my phone or my external battery when given the chance. Now it charges the phone completely, then starts charging the pack. There’s a handy charge status light indicates its state of charge and remaining power.

The phone charges fairly fast, which I appreciate when I’m sitting in an airport waiting for a flight, with limited charging time. The lightning cable has a five year guarantee, which is longer than I’ve owned most of my USB cords before loosing them, so that’s a plus, too.

I love the ballistic nylon cord that’s really durable and tough, and extends to five feet.

The Nomad battery cable is now a staple in my carry-on, and has replaced the need to bring an extra external battery. If you pick one up, it will cost around $49 on Amazon.

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