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Nomad Apple Watch straps for travel and home

I travel with my Apple Watch, because I find it useful for getting prompt alerts from airlines on travel days and for using the haptic touch feature to get directions while I’m at my destination. That way, I’m never digging my phone out of my bag for every little thing, and I can be more aware of my surroundings.

I love Nomad watch straps, because the genuine leather is supple and comfortable. I’m a person who gets frustrated if I have to change out my watch straps all the time, and I can keep my Nomad strap on while I’m using my watch to exercise. It’s that flexible and soft. Then, I can take it straight from my workout to wear for the rest of my day, the classic leather look going with just about everything I own.

You get utility and durability in one package, and I don’t have to pack additional straps that, let’s face it, are just going to get lost eventually as I travel. On the Nomad site, you can select your strap based on your Apple Watch hardware type; for instance, you can pick between a modern or a traditional-style strap for black hardware, silver hardware, gold hardware, etc. The traditional strap is a bit thicker and stiffer, so if you want the more supple strap that I prefer, go with the modern. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear and very easy to fit onto the watch.

Modern straps are $59, traditional straps are $79, and there are also options for metal bands and rugged sport bands, should you want to specialize your look instead of opting for one look that can flex in different scenarios. The best place to shop for the biggest selection is on the Nomad site, linked above, but you may find Nomad leather watch straps on Amazon as well.


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