Nomad has done a fantastic job developing a superpower battery that is actually trackable. This is a really nifty feature that adds exceptional value to an already strong power pack.

The durable device has a rubberized exterior, which keeps it from getting damaged or scratched. Nomad studied the construction of various iPhone cases to determine the best material to create a premium, drop-resistant material.

What’s inside is a big deal: 9000mAh worth of charging capability. That can charge the iPhone 7 as many as three and a half times at the rate of about one percent per minute.

At the base are power plugs for USB C and A ports (the latter is compatible with the majority of your existing devices). One of the ports is used to charge the device while the others can simultaneously power up your others.

Nomad has partnered with the smartphone Tile app to provide tracking capability of this device in case you misplace it (or it gets stolen). You can release a melody on the power pack’s speaker that can help you locate it. If you can’t find it, you can even seek help from the Tile community of app users to join in on the search.

The power pack works well with many of Nomad’s ultra-rugged charging cables.

One downside is that the pack is not lightweight, but that is not surprising given the strength of the battery itself. And Nomad got rid of another problem: the blinking light that can light up a room if charging things with the lights off. It can now adjust to the level of light in a space so that you can see it easily at night or during the daytime.

The Nomad Advanced Trackable PowerPack retails for $100 online and is really a next step up when it comes to portable power packs.

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