Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car, it is sometimes hard not to doze off on a long journey. Eye shades can help, but one thing that I always find humorous is when travelers traipse through an airport with a giant neck pillow around their neck or bouncing from the side of their bag. Let’s be honest, they do not work very well, and most of the frequent travelers I know smirk at those that carry them. They are bulky and provide minimal comfort.

That’s one of the reasons why I agreed to try out the Nod 2.0 travel pillow because it is not bulky at all, and consists of a balance that you through over the back of the seat and eye shades that cradle your head from the resistance. True, you still look a little silly, but at least the only people that see you using it are those sitting around you and not everyone that passes you in an airport. If seated in economy, I find that it fits snugly behind the adjustable headrest if your plane has one. It seems that if you hang it over the entire seat back, you could potentially block the TV screen on the seat back for the person behind you if there is one. Luckily, there is the capability to stretch the cords in a position that wrap around someone’s screen, but the person behind you may wonder what it is.

It was comfortable to use when you get used to it, and your head has the flexibility to lean to the side if you like without you nodding off on the person sitting next to you. Another important thing to note is that it is designed for safety in an accident with a breakaway cord that will release with enough simultaneous pressure. All in all, this is a unique invention that facilitates the chance to sleep while being ideal for those traveling with carry-ons and wanting to save space. The Nod 2.0 by zdoze travel pillow retails for $40 online.

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