Oh, NOCS Provisions! You sweet, hypercolor magnificent you! This new Zoom Tube is so much fun to use! From simple track meets to the great outdoors of Idaho, the whole family has enjoyed taking this lightweight monocular with us!

Picture this: It’s a cold snowy day in Idaho (yes, it still snows in April) and the tiniest box is delivered to the front door. It’s so lightweight that I assume it’s the Photo Rig for the Field Issue NOCS Binoculars we already own. It isn’t. However, inside this sweet little box is a perfectly packaged NOCS Monocular ZOOM TUBE in a gorgeous Juniper II green. There are seven colors to choose from in the ZOOM TUBE so everyone can find one that will fit their personality.

Easily packed into your purse, water bottle sleeve or mounted to a backpack with the convenient Peak Design Capture Clip, this mighty powerful monocular will ensure you see what you need to. Delivering breathtakingly clear views at 8x with a field of view of 384ft @ 1000yds. The boys love playing their own version of “Hide ‘n Go Seek” challenging each other to find object in the distance.

Photos are easy to take with this Zoom Tube. Simply line up your phone lens with the eye glass and use the true analog zoom for an IG worthy photo. The clarity is remarkable. For dialed in photos with more ease, attach the Photo Rig! The Zoom Tube can be mounted to a tripod for pictures requiring absolute stillness or the perfect timing.

Don’t judge the Zoom Tube by it’s svelte build-it packs a punch. It is so fun to employ for the whole family and makes for a perfect accessory for any adventure. The Zoom Tube retails for $75 and is available on the NOCS website. We are off on a backpacking trip through Yellowstone this summer and I can’t wait to have the Zoom Tube on my backpack so I can see all the beautiful wildlife it has to offer. Grab yourself one and get exploring!


Safe Travels!

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