No Hands Necessary with Kizik Alpine Shoes

Unless you are a regular wearer of slippas (AKA flip-flops), you know the feeling of having to bend down to put your shoes on—whether you are seated or standing while doing it. But when you struggle to get your shoes on, especially after walking through the security section of an airport, you might wish for an easier way.

A while back, I got an email from someone telling me about a hand’s-free shoe, with technology that forced the heel to pop back into place when you put the shoe on. Simply step into them and walk away. I didn’t believe it, so I told them to prove it and send me a pair.

I’m pleased to report that after a while testing the Kizik Alpine Shoes, they do actually work the way they’re marketed. I’m happy to be wrong about my initial judgment.

With strategic investment from Nike, HandsFree Labs’ patented portfolio of Foot Activated Shoe Technology (F.A.S.T.) solutions, allows consumers to step in and out of shoes without using their hands. The Alpine shoes are among a handful from Kizik that bring convenience and accessibility to casual, dress, and outdoor shoes for men and women.

The Alpine shoes are ideal casual town shoes for weekday or weekend use—perfect for walkabout and hanging out. Take them off when you get home, go to yoga class, go through the TSA queue, or want to feel the sun and sand on your feet. Then, just step into them to walk away. No need to sit down or bend down to help get your heel back into the shoe. They’re especially helpful for folks with mobility issues.

Kizik Alpine shoes for men come in brown and ash gray colors and list for $150 on the Kizik site.


Jill Robinson is a freelance writer who lives in a small California beach town near the big wave surf spot, Mavericks. She divides her time between writing about travel, running a kayak business and trying to wring awe-inspiring adventure out of every day. Her articles have been featured in the AFAR, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more. Catch up with her adventures on and IG/Twitter at dangerjr.

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  1. Hailey Bezan on February 23, 2020 at 11:36 am

    Can I ask them to prove it and send me a pair, too?

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