Ready for the tale of two travel pillows? Everyone has their favorite styles for airplane overnights, car rides, camping trips, and backpacking adventures, and it’s time to introduce two new players to the scene.

Personally, I like my travel pillows firm, so the inflatable type win out over the soft cushiony type.

If you’re with me, here are two great options:

Eagle Creek Fast Inflate Pillow:

Eagle Creek Inflate Pillow

The new Eagle Creek Fast Inflate pillow comes in medium or large. Both roll up small and fit into their own tiny stuff sack for portability.

Eagle Creek Fast Inflate Travel Pillow - Medium
  • Ultra-Light Full-Sized Pillow.
  • Packs Down Into Small Stuff Sack For Compact Storage.
  • Patented-Pending Windcatcher Valve Technology.
  • Quick Inflation With Just A Couple Of Breaths.

I opted for the large, because it can easily double as a seat cushion at stadiums or when camping. What does ‘fast inflate’ mean?

It has ‘wind catcher’ technology, which is a fancy term for those wide mouth openings that take only a couple of puffs to inflate. You don’t lose air from the pillow while inflating, and it’s easy to roll the opening and snap it closed when you’ve reached your desired firmness.

Just be sure the ‘deflate’ valve on the other side of the pillow is fully closed before you go to sleep (my bad, Eagle Creek!). Once I figured that detail out, my pillow was just about perfect during backpacking nights this summer.

One side of the pillow is fleece fiber, so you have a soft side to lay your head against, and it does pack down small enough to easily fit into a purse, tote, or the top pocket of a backpack.

Pick up the Eagle Creek Fast Inflate for $49.95 for the large and $44.95 for the medium. You can find both sizes on Amazon as well for a few bucks less.

Klymit Pillow X:

The Klymit Pillow X calls itself ‘the most technically advanced pillow ever designed’. How so? It’s all about the X configuration for the pillow, which has for inflated cells in an X pattern.

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow
  • Supportive And Ultralight, Durable And Incredibly Comfortable.
  • Sleep Comfortably While Camping.
  • Feather-Weight And Packable.
  • Adjustable Height And Pressure.

This places your head in the center of the X, for max cradling. Yes, sounds like someone over-thought this idea, but I’m glad, because it truly is very comfortable.

far, this is the most comfy travel pillow I’ve tried. It weighs under two ounces, but is smaller than the Eagle Creek, so if heft or length are your biggest considerations, you’ll want to see above.


The Klymit packs down into its own stuff sack as well, and takes just a few breaths to inflate, same as the Eagle Creek.

The abrasion-resistant material is thicker on the bottom and thinner on the top, so you get a softer surface to lie on, yet tough material against the dirt or wherever you’re sleeping.

Pick up the Klymit Pillow X for $24.95, or for a bit less on Amazon.

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