Scarpa has debuted their newest hiking shoe and it is the whole package. Everything that you could want from a durable and reliable hiking shoe is contained in the Moraine WP.

  1. Comfort: The Moriane is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a cushioned midsole and a supportive footbed. The padded tongue and collar help prevent discomfort and chafing during long hikes. So far I have hiked over 10 miles in my Moraine WP and I can’t complain about the comfort of the sole. I really didn’t need any time to “break” them in.
  2. Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials like the nubuck upper, the Moriane is built to withstand rugged terrain and extended use. It offers excellent traction on various surfaces, providing stability and confidence on the trail.
  3. Protection: This hiking shoe offers adequate protection for your feet, with a reinforced toe cap and heel counter to guard against rocks and debris. The secure lacing system allows you to customize the fit for added support and protection. A waterproof liner brings you peace of mind when battling the elements on the trail.
  4. Breathability: While providing protection, the Moriane also offers decent breathability to keep your feet cool and dry, thanks to its mesh panels and breathable lining. This feature is especially important during hot weather or intense activities.
  5. Versatility: Whether you’re tackling light trails or more challenging terrain, the Moriane performs well in various conditions. Its versatile design makes it suitable for day hikes, backpacking trips, and even everyday wear. The rubber outsole’s tread is brilliantly designed to ensure you have grip where you need it. 
  6. Fit: Scarpa’s women-specific last ensures a comfortable and supportive fit for female hikers. The toe box is wide enoug to allow splaying of your toes during more challenging terrain. However, like any hiking shoe, it’s essential to try them on and ensure the proper size to avoid discomfort or blisters.
  7. Style: While functionality is paramount in hiking footwear, the Moriane also offers a stylish design that transitions well from the trail to casual settings. Its sleek silhouette and color options appeal to those who value both performance and aesthetics.
  8. RECCO: Moraine is the ONLY shoe on the market with the RECCO reflector system built in. The RECCO system can easily be seen by search and rescue teams in the unlikely event that you have gone missing or are in danger.

Overall, the Scarpa Women’s Moriane hiking shoe is a reliable option for women seeking comfort, durability, versatility and peace of mind on the trail. Its combination of features makes it a solid choice for outdoor adventures of all kinds. You can find the Scarpa Moraine hiker for both men and women on the Scarpa website. They retail for $169.


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