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Zenbivy Dry Sack and Compression Cap


Sierra Design Adventure Out Double Hammock

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The Unstoppable Lily Trotters Compression Socks

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Decathalon Freeride 3-in-1 Ski Pants


Craving a Maven from Gregory Backpacks


All Hazards Prime 29L Backpack from 5.11 Tactical


Baxter Dog Backpack from Kurgo


Serengeti Presents the Lela Frame


Kuju Pour Over Coffee- For all your Travels


Muir Energy is the Real Food You Need for the Trail

Innergie PocketCell Travel Gadget Charger | Practical Travel Gear 1

Innergie PocketCell Travel Gadget Charger

By Tim Leffel / February 9, 2012 /

Need to recharge your gadgets on the go without carrying a lot of extra bulk? This Innergie Pocket Cell charger is a handy little device that’s not much bigger than a Bic lighter. Smart phones and gaming gadgets are great fun when you’re traveling except for one thing: lousy battery life. On an Android phone…

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TravelLite Seat Cushion by Lifeform  | Practical Travel Gear

TravelLite Seat Cushion by Lifeform

By Kara / September 6, 2011 /

When I drive long distances in one stint – say the 3.5 hours from my mountain house to the “big city” of Denver – my right foot gets fatigued and I feel dull pain radiating up my leg to my tush. Sometimes my lower back gets a bit sore, too. I stretch and flex while…

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Mini GO Styling Iron from FHI Heat | Practical Travel Gear

Mini GO Styling Iron from FHI Heat

By Kara / May 31, 2011 /

At the 2011 Aspen Fashion Week festivities last March, I picked up a Mini GO Styling Iron from FHI Heat, a hairstyling-tool company that was one of the event’s sponsors. While I rarely straighten my hair with the full-size iron I already own (coincidentally also a freebie I received the 2010 Aspen Fashion Week swag…

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Serengeti Sunglasses with Polar PhD Lenses | Practical Travel Gear 1

Serengeti Sunglasses with Polar PhD Lenses

By Tim Leffel / February 4, 2010 /

When does one graduate from mall kiosk shades to performance sunglasses? If you’re there yet, check out this new line from Serengeti Eyewear. When you’re a purist backpacker traveling on a shoestring, scoffing at anything requiring a sizable layout of cash is a necessary survival instinct. You laugh at the rich package tourists who spend…

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