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Maya Frames from Costa Sunglasses

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Kurgo’s Stash and Dash Harness for Your Best Friend

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Interview with Co-Founders of BANDITS Bandanas, Nicole and Conner Humphreys

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The Zeus from Uncharted Supply Co.

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Uncharted Supply Co First Aid and Triage Kit

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Upgrade Your Backyard Grill Game with the X Series from Breeo

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Hillsound Flexsteps Crampons Ensures You Can Play Outside This Winter

Cotopaxi Chumpi Del Dia

Pack Your Gear in the Cotopaxi Chumpi Del Dia Duffel

OluKai Kuuna slipper

Treat Your Feet with OluKai Ku’una Slippers

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Jung Tee from Jungmaven

Ecco O2 Shoes With Gore-Tex Surround | Practical Travel Gear 1

Ecco O2 Shoes With Gore-Tex Surround

By Tim Leffel / March 19, 2015 /

One of the first entries using an innovative new technology, these Ecco O2 shoes let the heat out from all angles. There are all kinds of ways for your sweaty feet to breathe, from mesh to wide weaves to waterproof membranes that let heat out but keep rain at bay. There’s always been one problem…

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NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker is No Wimp | Practical Travel Gear 1

NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker is No Wimp

By Tim Leffel / March 4, 2015 / Comments Off on NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker is No Wimp

Tired of little Bluetooth speakers that easily get drowned out by conversation? This TT one from NYNE might not go on a plane with you if you’re just packing a carry-on, but for checked bags, a road trip, or car camping, it’s a wireless party machine. This is not some “mini and tinny” travel speaker…

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Fjallraven Totepack No. 1 | Practical Travel Gear

Fjallraven Totepack No. 1

By Jill / February 6, 2015 / Comments Off on Fjallraven Totepack No. 1

Sometimes all the bells and whistles get in the way when you’re traveling, and you feel the urge to ditch it all and go classic old-school. Fjallraven helps you out with the Totepack No. 1. Somewhat akin to the simple design of its famed Kanken backpack, the Totepack No. 1 is made from waxed G-1000…

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Eddie Bauer Voyager II Travel Blazer | Practical Travel Gear 1

Best Comfort Travel Blazer – Eddie Bauer Voyager II

By Tim Leffel / January 8, 2015 / Comments Off on Best Comfort Travel Blazer – Eddie Bauer Voyager II

Okay, okay, Eddie Bauer. I’ll pack a blazer now and look like a responsible male member of society. You see, I have about as much enthusiasm for packing a sport coat on a trip as I have for 8-hour layovers and sitting in the middle seat on the plane. On the occasions where I’ve needed…

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Filson Dry Day Backpack | Practical Travel Gear

Filson Dry Day Backpack

By Jill / September 25, 2014 /

Dry bags are rarely known for looking good. The most important feature, of course, is keeping your things dry. The rest is extra. It often seems that manufacturers just leave it at that, without throwing in useful additions, but the Filson Dry Day Backpack is more than just waterproof. The backpack style of the dry…

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GSI Outdoors Pinnacle and Halulite Cook Sets | Practical Travel Gear

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle and Halulite Cook Sets

By Amy / September 16, 2014 / Comments Off on GSI Outdoors Pinnacle and Halulite Cook Sets

Ah, the world of integrated backpacking cook systems, in which value is determined in ounces and function derives from  minimalism. It’s quite impressive, how many cooking tools and utensils can fit into one compact system. Plus, those little cups and sporks are so cute. However, anyone who’s stood in the aisle of any outdoor store…

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Casual Patagonia Baggies Shorts | Practical Travel Gear 1

Casual Patagonia Baggies Shorts

By Tim Leffel / June 19, 2014 / Comments Off on Casual Patagonia Baggies Shorts

There’s a secret packing weapon a lot of savvy carry-on-bag traveling men employ that can be met by today’s featured product, the Baggies Shorts from Patagonia. One key packing light element is bringing items that can do more than one thing. That means, for example, a bathing suit that can also function as a pair…

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Carry-on Sized Insect Repellents | Practical Travel Gear 4

5 Brilliant Carry-on Sized Insect Repellents Reviewed

By Tim Leffel / May 21, 2014 /

Traveling light, but need to keep the mosquitoes and more at bay? Here are some bug sprays that are sized for travel. Trying to travel with a carry-on works fine when you’ve planned ahead and gotten all your cosmetics into travel-sized bottles that don’t go over the cabin liquid limits. But it’s tough when you…

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Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow | Practical Travel Gear

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

By Jill / April 18, 2014 / Comments Off on Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

Plenty of elements of travel are uncomfortable, especially bus, train, airplane and airport seats. Considering the amount of time you send in each of them, perhaps a little more luxe treatment is in order, like the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow. This inflatable pillow comes in two sizes: regular and large. The regular pillow…

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Pakems Packable Boots | Practical Travel Gear 2

Pakems Packable Boots

By Amy / March 4, 2014 / Comments Off on Pakems Packable Boots

In my quest for the perfect apres ski boot and all-round, packable outdoor travel shoe, I gave Pakems a trial run. This brand new product designed by a single mom is marketed as a lightweight, compressible shoe designed for use after a ski day. Pakems come in two styles (for both men and women): a high…

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