Back in 2013, we reviewed a new recovery shoe company called OOFOS. I’ve been a personal fan ever since. This year, OOFOS has some new designs for summer, and while you don’t wear these shoes for fashion (remember Crocs? It’s a similar fashion situation), I promise that anyone who tries on a pair will be sold. They’re just that comfortable.

While designed originally as a recovery shoe, OOFOS are excellent for everyday wear, provided you will be standing for a large chunk of the day and need something soft and squishy between the soles of your feet and concrete or dirt ground. I pack mine to wear during professional conferences, days when I’ll be city touring from morning until night, and travel days, when I know I’ll be standing in plenty of lines.


OOFOS originally came only in a slide, clog, or flip-flop style sandal, but now has a sneaker style as well. The appropriately-named OOmg Low Shoe is perfect to pair with capri pants or shorts and skirts, or works well as a boat shoe, since it drains water well. It comes in a women’s version in a variety of colors for $120.

Want to spend less? The original OOlala flip-flop (a more reasonable $59) is still my favorite, and now has a whole line of new colors (beyond the original pink or black, thank goodness). The flip-flop comes in a men’s version as well, as do the slides and clogs. My husband is a fan of the OOahh slide sandal, which he squishes into his carry-on bag for any road trip or city travel trip, and wears all summer at home while going about his weekend. Best of all, they’re under $50.

While water-friendly, OOFOS falls short of being a true water shoe in that I have yet to find a style that truly stays on in water, so it’s a no-go for river rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. It’s ready for beach days, however, and certainly for your long travel days. Pick up a pair on the OOFOS site or on Amazon…and enjoy summer comfort!

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