New From Nuu Muu: Dresses For Active Kids

If you’re a woman who enjoys adding a flair of fashion to your activewear options, you may already know about Nuu Muu. We featured Nuu Muu’s dresses for women just a few months ago. But now girls are included in the mix, which we love to see.

What makes Nuu Muus work so well for the traveling woman (their packability, flexibility, and style) makes them perfect for kids, too.

Mini Muu kids:¬†Nuu Muu calls their kid line ‘the play dress kids can actually play in’ (I’m paraphrasing), and this is true. Mini Muus are made of a poly/spandex blend just like Mom’s, with SPF 50+ protection.

They all have the higher neckline (with teardrop shape in the front) that the classic Muu sports. They’re breathable and moisture-wicking (more on that below) and wrinkle-resistant.

You can ball them up and toss them in a bag and they’ll be fine, or you can carefully roll them and fit even more in your suitcase.

The Mini Muu dresses dry fast, spills seem to bead up and are repelled from them (case in point…a drink box of apple juice spilled on a plane by our little reviewer did no harm), and the fabric is really lightweight and silky.

Kids aren’t hampered by the dresses in any way. In summer or if you’re traveling to a warm-weather destination, they can be worn alone, but kids can also layer their Mini Muu with leggings or tights underneath for more coverage (great for bike riding or hiking) or add a sweater or sweatshirt.

They look equally good with sneakers or sandals or flip-flops, and make for nice beach cover-ups, too. It’s simple to toss over a swimsuit for a meal at a beachside restaurant, for example.

Just like I now have two Muus in my closet for all type of active travel, little girls should have a few as well. The Mini Muus come in sizes S-XL, covering sizes 3-12. Utilize their sizing chart, because while the dresses do not shrink (and all are machine washable), I found them to run slightly small.

All dresses are $48 and sewn in the USA, and you get about a dozen fun patterns and colors to choose from, with names like ‘unicorn’ and ‘confetti’. So much fun!

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