We were introduced to Nau at the Outdoor Retailer this show and fell in love with their amazing clothes. Nau was started in 2007 with the goal of creating a company that was a real force for good. Their early code name, “UTW” stood for how to “Un-F*&K The World”
Nau believes in making better products that last. In the age of every brand pushing “sustainability” it’s refreshing to find clothes that are simply made better.
Nau sent me the Men’s Kush Pants and Stealth Crew Neck Sweater. I wore both for a full day of meetings around town and fell in love with the fit and quality of these amazing clothes.
The Stealth Crew Neck is modeled on the sweaters the British militarily once issued for winter maneuvers. Their version keeps the style but updates it with a wonderful recycled wool blend. I love how the sweater fit’s my short, stocky frame.
The Kush Utility Pant is a waterproof functional pant that has a dressed up work pant ascetic. Many of the pants I test these days are far to tight for my frame. the Kush’s manage to have a slim fit without being too tight.
I wore the Kush pants on a trip to Denver this week. The trip involved touring some properties and we got hit with a big snowstorm. While my partner was freezing in his slacks, I appreciated how warm and waterproof they were.
The pants and sweater look great together and has become a real staple of my cold-weather wardrobe. I dont usually ride my bike in to city meeting here in Boise because it’s tough to find clothes that feel good riding in but look nice at meetings. Because the Kush pants fit so nice I thought it would be a great test of the pants and sweater to give it a try.
The sweater is amazingly warm, in fact I had to take my time on my ride in so I didnt get too warm. I made it to the meeting looking great. Several of the people I met with complemented me on the Stealth Sweater. The highlight was an older gentlemen asking me if I bought the sweater in England.
Nau has won us over here at PracticalTravelGear.com. My wife tested the Asym Lyte Trench and has worn it almost every day this winter. Nau delivers amazing quality clothing at very attractive pricing.

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