Have you ever been outside shoveling snow or riding a bike and try to access your Smartphone or other mobile device with a touchscreen with a pair of gloves on? Frustrating. Annoying. Inconvenient. These are just some of the words you’d probably use to describe this situation.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try swiping to access your phone with a pair of mittens or leather gloves. It’s nearly impossible.


However, with Nanotips, you can be on your bike or outside in the elements and still access your device without having to remove gloves from one hand every time.


Because our Smartphones and electronic devices seem to be permanently attached to the palms of our hands, we need to be able to access them at all times—through harsh weather conditions, environments, and even while wearing accessories, such as gloves.


All Gloves Are ON…


If you are in love with your favorite pair of gloves, and don’t want to exchange them for a different pair, then you can easily transform your favorite gloves into gloves that are touchscreen compatible with Nanotips.

Easy to Use


Nanotips are easy to use and are cost effective. They come in a bottle and can be used for up to 30 applications per bottle, based on the fact that they last approximately two to four weeks per application. Nanotips are also waterproof and durable, and can be used on leather, Gortex, etc…


Nanotips are cost effective, easy to use, and are proven to work by following these simple steps:


  • Shake – Be sure to shake the bottle prior to use.
  • Apply – Use the applicator and apply the solution to the tips of your favorite gloves. The solution can be used on leather, rubber, Gortex, and those bulky winter gloves.
  • Dry – Be sure to let the solution dry for several minutes before attempting to use. You may need to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process, and allow more drying time for thicker gloves.
  • Use! – Once the drying process is complete, test your gloves by attempting to use your touchscreen features on your phone or device.


Yes, it’s that simple.


Most people who have attempted to use a touchscreen features know that it’s a real pain. But whether you are sitting a football game on a cold day, outside shoveling or using a snow blower, or riding a motorcycle, you want to have your music and social media at your fingertips—regardless of the weather conditions.


Nanotips are designed work with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and even Smart watches!


And Nanotips is the solution—literally.


Nanotips – Branding Evolution


After a number of long nights, brainstorming, and head scratching, the team of founders worked to turn their own experiences into a brand evolution with Nanotips.


Nanotips is based out of Vancouver, Canada founded by a small team who were annoyed and frustrated with an issue created by our technologically driven and dominant society. But there was one simple solution: making any pair of gloves touchscreen-friendly gloves.