Mystery Ranch Scree

By: Britney Smith (Guest Writer)

            Mystery Ranch has built a profound equipment line to fit customers on a mission. They have constructed a variety of backpacks for men and women ranging from day trips goers, overnight adventurers, hunters and military and fire personnel. Their promise is to equip customers with backpacks made of quality material to have durable, load-bearing and adjustable characteristics. The Mystery Ranch Scree is just that—a mid-size, versatile, high quality daypack.

The Scree

Backpacking is one of my greatest pleasures. From the scenery, the silence and adventure, there is nothing quite like the reset that comes with exploring. There are few things that could upset an outdoor adventure, poor equipment is at the top of that list. The Mystery Ranch Scree did not disappoint in fact, it exceeded my expectations for a daypack.

The Scree offers a water-resistant triple zip design for convenience allowing access from the top of the pack or could be used as a front loader backpack. The unique vertical zipper extends to the base of the backpack which allows for complete access into the body of the Scree. The inside is made with high density polyethylene frame for rigidity and high tensile strength. The bottom of the backpack is double layered to support load-bearing durability. In addition to the two deep water bottle pockets on the exterior, The Mystery Ranch Scree included a hydration reservoir feature.

There are two rows of daisy chain on the exterior for clipping extra gear on the pack. For smaller easily accessible essentials, there are small zipper pockets on each side of the padded waist belt as well as spacious zipper pockets built into the lid of the backpack. The Scree provides outstanding comfort for longer duration activities with many adjustable avenues. Mystery Ranch designed the adjustable yoke that is an independent suspension system from the body of the backpack. This function provides flexibility in the frame of the Scree for added comfort and proper fitting. Additionally, the Scree is offered in three sizes S, M/L and XL and four attractive colors at a great value ($180).

Scree from Mystery Ranch

The Good:

The Mystery Ranch Scree ultimately met my requirement in finding a durable, load-bearing, easily accessible daypack. In fact, it is not necessary to limit this backpack to a daypack specifically. The impressive capacity and comfort would allow for a modest overnight backpacking trip. The Scree is tough, comfortable, allows easy access to my gear, affordable and attractive—meeting the five requirements.

3.1 lbs
1953 cu-in
Harnessing Style

The Bad:

There are minimal critiques that I would suggest. If I were to pick a flaw I would propose that the zipper pockets on the waist belt were long enough to fit a knife as the current size could fit a band aid or chap stick. This would have been avoided if the hip belt wings were longer adding more padding and zipper space.

In conclusion, the Mystery Ranch promise is providing equipment built for the mission. I can attest to this motto that the Scree is built with high quality material and constructed to support your mission. It will be my backpack of choice for many outdoor adventures to come.