Here a pack, there a pack, everywhere a backpack! So many choices, colors, functions, sizes… multitudinous manufacturers seek your patronage. The Mystery Ranch Catalyst 22L might be your ‘needle in the haystack’! Very delighted to ‘kick the tires’ on this attractive and functional model for the intrepid consumer.

This pack would serve you well as the ‘day hike, hot-spring tryst or coffee house/wine bar remote profit-gathering endeavor variety of packs’ ; also excellent for travel and flying (when you don’t want to check a bag). The manufacturer specifies it as an all-purpose bag, so, hey, You’re covered!

It breaks down like this…
Exterior: very durable Cordura nylon.

It’s a Y-access or “3 zip” pack which makes your contents very accessible lol. Seriously, it’s convenient to open the top and reach down in, or completely splay the bag open from the front.

The Catalyst 22 sports three, generous, zip-close mesh compartments (inside top, inside left / right). The inside top compartment also has a handy little lanyard with a clip to secure items for fast retrieval.

Also Inside, there are two padded, cozy sleeves which accommodate a laptop (up to 16″) and perhaps a notepad or document holder.

There are two exterior pockets for proper hydration containers (or growlers full ‘o ‘funner’ libations).

This is certainly a minimalist bag and very tight (not bulky), quite rectangular, (not blousy) and tight-fitting to the back. It has a strong grab handle. A strap (something between a hip strap and a sternum strap) is provided which is adequate for this size pack. It has generously padded mesh shoulder straps with load lifter/stabilizer straps and compression straps.

The back panel is cushy for comfort and meshed for ventilation.

The zippers are strong and they are the kind that are sort of sealed, I would say, so as to keep out dust and moisture.

This pack is very lightweight (empty). My wife tried it out as a purse. It was no longer light!

I hope that you have been served and informed, and I know that this particular pack will be a great addition to my gear set. Thank you for the opportunity. Happy Travel Gear days to all of you on your quest for whatever you seek

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