myCharge portable chargers are the accessory you have been missing for your phone, tablet and computer.  myCharge portable chargers are available in all sizes and battery backup to ensure you have the power you need at the exact time you need it.

We were given the HUBXtra, Simple Power and the rugged AdventureMax. All three are well made, and came pre-charged!


The AdventureMax by myCharge was a huge hit in our house, taking it camping, boating and just stashing it in the car for long rides. AdventureMax boasts a rechargeable 10500mAh portable charger, 2 USB ports allowing you to recharge your tablets, phones, bluetooth speakers, etc via a micro-USB cable. Because of the larger power capacity, you are able to extend the battery life of your device up to six times.


Constructed with a hard outer shell and convenient carabineer, this charger can be easily strapped to your back pack, luggage or even belt loop while you explore. There’s a lot to this 1/2 lb charger! $50 on mycharge.


  • Charger
  • Recharge cable
  • Carabiner clip
  • Quick Start Guide


The HubMax is one of the newest products from myCharge and my professional go-to charger. I love the built in wall charger. It allows you to charge the portable charger and your devices at the same time. I often have my Jabra headphones and my phone plugged into it and it has saved me many times while traveling.

One time, I was delayed for over 8 hours in the San Diego Airport along with (I think) the entire population of San Diego. There wasn’t a charging station that wasn’t being used by other travelers.

I simply pulled out my charger and kept my phone and headphones going while I waited.

A fellow passenger and I joked I should sell the other charges for $50 a piece. I could have made $250 that day!

HubMax also has a rechargeable 10050mAh portable charger. Unlike the AdventureMax, the HubMax is constructed with an integrated Apple® Lightning™ cable, a micro USB AND a USB port. HubMax will charge your batteries 65% faster than other chargers.

It is a workhorse. $99 on myCharge website.

Simple Power

Simple Power from myCharge is a small and reliable 2200mAh Lithium Ion battery. Constructed with a carabineer clip for your bags, this power bank will charge your device once, comes in multiple colors and is priced right at just under $15. For the quick day trip, teenager or backup in your purse, the Simple Power is the charger you’ve been seeking.


  • Charger
  • Recharge Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

All products can be found on myCharge or Amazon website. Stay connected!