myCharge has been a favored battery pack for Practical Travel Gear’s writers for many years now. We have covered portable chargers, ear bud cases with an integrated charge system and the Adventure Jump Start for cars.

Home & Go

myCharge Home & Go is a slim, powerful charger with two USB ports and a fold-out wall prongs. With 8000mAh the myCharge Home & Go can charge your phone and tablets with ease.

Home & Go charging two devices.

The fold out wall prongs are one of my favorite features of the Home & Go. I love that I can charge the battery pack in the airport, hotel, car (if your car has a 110V hook up), café, etc. There is always an opportunity to ensure the Home & Go is full for your travels.

If you’re a charging pro, you’ll be able to charge not only the Home & Go while it is plugged in, but also your devices. Two for one, and time saving for all travels alike.

Weighing in at just 0.68 lbs., the myCharge is lightweight enough to throw in your day back, take in with for overnight camping and backpacking.

The Home & Go will hold 2x battery charging depending on your device and even charge it 25% faster due to the high Amps within the Home & Go.

The myCharge Home & Go does not come with charging cables. For some, this may seem inconvenient, but for us, this is welcomed! Between my wireless headphones, phone, tablet and my mother’s phone (iPhone 5… Yes. I’m not kidding) we need three types of chargers. Mom’s phone can’t hold a charge for more the three hours and she is in constant need of power. Should she upgrade? Yes. Will she? No. That is a story for another post.

I have picked up a set off all three chargers from Belkin for $15 and have them with always.

We have reviewed chargers with integrated cords and find the abuse we put them through with traveling and children using them, the cords quickly fray and become unsafe to use. By allowing the user to use their own cords, we can use short 6-inch cords to 10-foot cords and be able to personalize our charging experience.

myCharge using a four-light LED battery indicator on most models including the Home & Go. Four lights are a full charge and each less light indicates a loss of 25% of battery power. When traveling abroad, depending on the country, you will need a plug adaptor. Home & Go Charger, with wall prongs are compatible with input voltage ratings: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, and Plug Type A. A plug adaptor is required for countries/territories that use plug types that aren’t compatible with Type A

The Home & Go will hold its charge for about a year without losing power making it a great option for keeping it in your car or with your gear, ready to go for the next adventure.

Home & Go retails for $49.99 and can be found on myCharge’s website or


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it doesn’t have to kill your internet surfing while traveling. The myFlipShade provides privacy against all those looky-loos while traveling on public transportation, airplanes and standing in lines. Not only does it protect your information from others, it protects your screen from the ever-offensive sun glare.

Personally, I love this product because I have thousands of pictures on my phone and when searching for one to show someone, I can engage the myflipshade and scroll through my personal photos without sharing them with the world. Or when shooting product shots, I can shade the screen and see what the lighting really is.

Constructed of sturdy plastic, myFlipShade can handle the abuse of travel and daily living.

It is compatible with the following models of phone:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

myFlipShade quickly attaches with an adhesive dot on the back of your phone or phone case. myFlipshade can easily be removed and place on a new phone case or phone when you upgrade. The screen has a cut out for your camera to ensure you never miss a photo opportunity or the next video of a street fair.

The wings collapse to an almost flat surface and can be removed if you prefer. When not in use, the myFlipShade folds flat against the back of the phone. There is little girth from the myFlipShade so you can still slide it into your back pocket or bag without it catching.

Looking to watch videos or read? No Problem! myFlipshade can double as a phone stand with the ability to stand your phone up vertically or horizontally. There are various angles that lock into place with a subtle click.

Finishes include a colorful pineapple or a black dot. They retail for $9.99 and makes the perfect gift for the preteen, traveler and parent in your life. Check out the myCharge website or

Safe Travels!