We all need power for all of our devices, big and small, and there are plenty of Portable chargers on the market that cover your mobile phones, tablets, and occasionally some that are strong enough to power up laptops.

But, I have never seen one that claims to be powerful enough to charge up your car if the battery dies. That means this is the ideal device to keep in your car because when you’re on the road and away from home or the office, it’s the most likely time that you will need it.

myCharge AdventureJumpStartJust remember to recharge the charger every three months if you go without using it to keep it topped up.

But, would it really work? Luckily, I have not had a car battery die to test it out, but I have used it on my other devices, and the speed of the charge on my mobile devices was impressive.

As many as three mobile devices can be fully charged by this power pack without having to recharge it.

There are multiple power cords including jumper cables to use on a car and separate ones for electronics. When you need to recharge the charger, there is a built-in micro USB cable and a USB port to use.

You can even use the charger while you are charging it since there are ports on either side. It’s especially lightweight, which means it is great for travel if you plan to rent a car while on a trip.

Since it looks like a regular, large charger, it is sometimes necessary to remove it from your bag and place it through the security scanner separately, but it is rarely a problem. The myCharge AdventureJumpStart retails for $100 on the company’s website.

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