The Mustang Survival Bluewater Roll Top Dry Bag is an incredible product that is built to last. I can tell by the quality of construction that this bag will last through anything. I’ve always been in the search for a dry bag that would withstand the beating of traveling through harsh conditions. I know for a fact that this Bluewater dry bag will last a lifetime and will keep my items dry through any type of weather. Having the ability to store your items in a dry proof bag and not have to worry about anything getting wet is such a great peace of mind. Our phones, wallets, and valuable items now have a place to go without worrying about destroying our personal items. I am so happy I own this product because I will always be able to safely hold all my valuables when on the go.

When it comes to the outdoors, anything can happen. Having the ability to store your precious items in a waterproof bag can be life changing. I am a big backpacker, kayaker, swimmer, and skier and having the ability to use this bag to keep my items safe is such a great feeling. My first experience using the Mustang Survival dry bag was out kayaking the Boise River. I placed my phone, wallet, and dry clothes in this bag for a two-hour float and could not be happier. This dry bag lived up to its name and kept my items completely safe and dry. Over the years I have used many dry bags that would fail over time. They would keep my items dry but could tell that it would fail over time. You can tell by the quality of materials and construction that this product will never fail. I even tested this dry bag by placing water in the bag overnight to see if it would leak. Let’s just say I didn’t see one drop escaped the bag. We all love the ability to take our phones or cameras on explorations which are extremely valuable. We all need a Bluewater roll top dry bag to keep all our valuables safe so we can capture those great memories. Life is all about those precious memories and having a product like the Mustang Survival Dry bag will let you focus on creating good memories rather than worrying about if your valuables are safe.

The Mustang Survival roll top dry bag is created from a 210-denier diamond weave ripstop nylon and is also coated for absolute maximum protection from water. This product has an armored construction that will last through any type of beating along the way. I do not see this product ever tearing or falling apart. From the feel of this bag, you can tell that this dry bag will hold up against all weather and any type of mis care. I am truly satisfied with this dry bag as it will always keep my items and valuables from ever getting wet or dirty when exploring.

If you are looking for a dry bag that you can count on, then I highly recommend checking out Mustang Survival products. This company creates quality products that are built to last through any type of conditions. I believe we all should have a dry bag with these kinds of capabilities to help keep all our items secure and safe. I have broken my phone three times in my life because of water damage which totally ruined my trips and caused me to lose all my great photos I took on the trip. Having the Mustang Survival roll top dry bag would have totally protected my phone and valuables no matter what kind of adventure I was on.

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